Types of Weight Benches

8Weight training benches are often seen in gyms. Nowadays, people can already buy such for their own home gym or just for a small space inside or outside of their home wherein they can lift weights. Most people opt to do such since they do not have time to visit the gym every day. Hence, they are suited for individuals who want to stay in shape anytime and in the comfort of their own home.


Generally speaking, weight lifting benches have common features like, of course, the padded bench and the supporting stainless steel metals. However, they also come in different types based on what type of body muscles are focused on. With that in regard, this article will give a brief discussion of each type of weightlifting bench.


Flat Weight Lifting Bench


This type of weight lifting bench is the most standard that can be found in the industry. It has a single deck that has been constructed in a solid manner. Likewise, it also has a height and angle that are in a fixed position. With that being said, the product is more stable. Nevertheless, there are brands wherein wheels are attached so that it can be moved from one place to another in an easy manner.

Some exercises that can be performed using this type of bench include dumbbell rows, bench press, chest press, bench dips, seated bicep curls, and lying triceps extension.


Adjustable Weight Lifting Bench


As the name implies, an adjustable workout bench is a type wherein the angle of the bench can be changed. Hence, it is often called inclined-and-declined bench. Different brands have different types of adjustment mechanisms. Such can be done using the pop-pin adjustment mechanism wherein a screw-like item is removed to move it up or down and brought back to lock the product in such position. Another mechanism that is used is the so-calls step wherein the adjustable area of the bench is simply moved from one “step” to another.


The good thing about this type is that there are a lot of exercises that can be performed due to its adjustability. Hence, the ones performed on flat benches can be done including others like a butterfly, abdominal curl up, and decline leg lifting. However, since this product is adjustable, it requires a lot of space as compared to the flat weight lifting benches.


Olympic Weight Lifting Bench


This type of workout bench is popular for having a rack system wherein the barbell can be placed before, during, and after lifting. This type is recommended for individuals who have been working out for a long time, as well as those who regularly do full body workouts. With this type, several workout routines can be done without the need of adjusting any racks. Hence, many say that this is the safest type.


Final Words


Buying weight lifting benches that can be used at home is recommended for individuals who are experienced in working out. Meaning, beginners should think more than twice before they even decide to own one. That is because they still need guidance from a coach. Nevertheless, those who will be buying one should carefully choose the right type of bench that will meet their needs and wants.