Tri Gear You Should Have


Triathlon is a growing sport these days. Many people who join the races do them for fun, others, for their health and fitness. A triathlon includes three different sets – swimming, biking, and running. In order for you to enjoy the sport, too, you would need a few things first. Here is a list of the equipment and gear you would need for a triathlon.




1: Tri Suit


A race is still a race whether you join it to win or not. Having a tri suit would allow you to make transitions between the sets easier and faster. You would not be wasting time changing from your wetsuit to your biking clothes when you wear a tri suit in the first place. You could wear it from the beginning of the race to the finish since it is made of fabric that dries up faster than others.


2. Goggles


Most experts recommend taking clear goggles for indoor swimming or on cloudy days, and darker goggles for when you have to swim under the sun. However, you can still choose to have one if you want. Just make sure of the fit and the ease of putting them on and removing them.




3. A bike


You wouldn’t be able to complete the race without a bike. Find one that you are comfortable in using, be it a mountain bike or a beach cruiser, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner. The important thing is you can ride it and that it is checked for damages or other things that could affect you during the race.


4. A helmet


Safety comes first when it comes to racing. You would not want to get a really heavy helmet though as it would make you uncomfortable, especially if you are racing a distance. You would only need something that would keep your head protected in case an accident happens and you fall off your bike for some reason.




5. A pair of shoes


You would want to choose a pair that can give you comfort even if you run long distances. Consider also choosing the ones that you can also use comfortably when you are on your bike so you would not have to change your biking shoes to your running shoes.




6. Watch


Pick the best triathlon watches even if you are a new triathlete. Not only would you be using the watch during the race, it would also help you track your progress during training.


7. Sunglasses


You would never know if the sun would suddenly show up from behind the clouds in the middle of a race. Make sure to have a pair of sunglasses handy to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. You might want to choose one that you could use even if the sun isn’t out. It could protect your eyes from the wind, dust and more.


8. Water bottle


Have a water bottle handy to keep you hydrated or even energized during the competition. You might want one that you could also take with you during your run.