Pet Help: How to Groom Your Siberian Husky



Siberian Huskies are one of the most powerful dogs, but they are also considered as one of the most playful, intelligent, free-spirited, and athletic dogs. Also, they are extremely attractive and fluffy due to its double-coated hair. However, not all husky owners are too happy about it because most of them produce an unbelievable amount of hairs.

The husky has two-layered coats; the outer and the undercoat. The outer coat is smooth compared to the undercoat. The undercoat, on the other hand, is what keeps the Huskies warm in an extremely cold weather. The undercoats are made up of fuzzy, gray, and fine hairs, where it also resembles cotton. Unlike the regular dogs, Siberian Huskies shed once a year or few times a year, depending on the climate. Since Siberian Huskies originated in Siberia where there is an extreme cold weather, their genetics produces more hair to keep them warm; however, if the dog is at a tropical country, these dogs are shedding unbelievable amounts of hair.

If you are planning to adopt or buy a Siberian husky, prepare yourself and read a couple of articles and books about husky brushing and grooming tips. However, to start with, below are some grooming tips specially created for the wellness of Siberian Huskies:

Tip #1: Prepare your tools

Since you will be dealing with double-coated hair, you need to buy or have the right grooming materials such as undercoat rake, slicker brush, Furminator, and a vacuum.

  • The undercoat rake may look similar to human comb or hairbrush, however, these type of hair brush have long teeth. It is specifically designed to move past the outer coat but removes the loose undercoats.
  • The slicker brush is a slanted containing fine metal pins that are set inside a rubber cushion. These types of hair brush can:
    • Pull out the dog’s dead hair
    • Help detangle the hairs
    • Help stimulate good blood circula
    • Remove the dead skin cells or dander
  • The Furminator is one of a special grooming material where it can remove excess fur in no time
  • Do not forget to use vacuum; remember that these types of dog breed are capable of shedding hairs as much as what is expected, so, it would be wise to clean-up the hair using a vacuum.

Tip #2: Proper Siberian Husky bathing

Although bathing is one of the most important activities that a dog should have to stay healthy, experts and vets would recommend every pet owners to bath their dogs once a week. However, for a husky, according to the experts, they should be bathed twice a year, unless they are filthy or infested with fleas. Experts believe that bathing too much can cause the Siberian’s coat look dry and dull.

Tip #3: Apply organic products

There are several dog products that are sold in the market, however, some of these can be harmful to the dog’s health; so, to keep them clean and healthy, try using organic products such as organic shampoo and conditioner. Additionally, since huskies can only be bathed twice a year, you may use organic conditioner or powder to keep them clean, healthy and free of flea and tick infestation. Taking care of huskies requires more patience. However, if you are ready enough to take responsibilities, having one will make your day even better.