Different Ways to Get a Lagertha Costume


One of the most celebrated women of pop culture is Lagertha Lothbrok, wife of Ragnar Rothbrok in a highly acclaimed television show about vikings. While the actual exploits of real Vikings long ago remain a hugely controversial topic, there’s no denying that the campaigns of vikings were so bold that history was significantly influenced by them. Regardless of their methods, one can’t deny that the modern embodiment of the female viking in the character of Lagertha has a huge following. There’s really nothing surprising about the fact that there are women who wants to don the same garbs worn by their fierce heroine. Unfortunately, wearing costumes can be quite a fickle. There are several ways to be able to wear a Lagertha costume with confidence and authenticity. Here are the possible choices.

  1. Buy the set.

This is perhaps the easiest choice for acquiring a Lagertha Lothbrok costume. But it’s easy to see that it’s also a relatively bad choice simply because set costumes are typically badly done. Not a lot of costume designers out there make sets with a passion, so it’s hard to get a cheap set without sacrificing quality. Conversely, buying top quality stuff will of course increase the required budget, especially if the costume maker didn’t spare any artistic liberty in creating the metallic parts such as the shield and chain mail. It’s a rather polarizing option.

  1. Make the costumes from scratch.

Obviously, this one takes a lot of talent and experience to do properly. Sure, there are plenty of tutorials to go around. But you can’t discredit the importance of experience as a significant factor in costume creation. Simple things like proper stitching is what hold together crucial seams. Only consider this if the goal is to become a professional cosplayer or designer.

  1. Borrow it.

What are the chances that someone else has a good set of Lagertha costume? Well, depends on whether one has friends who are fans how have taken the initiative to make or buy a costume. But if the odds are great, then consider this a plausible and cheap way to wear the Lagertha Lothbork look on the next costume party. Just make sure the costume owner has the same build or else it’s going to look ridiculous.

  1. Plead the Vikings producers for a replica.

To get the real deal, one will have to cross their fingers and hope that they have the right connections to pull this off. Obviously, it’s a troublesome way of costume acquisition. It’s not worth the legal troubles and implications.

  1. Buy parts separately.

Perhaps the most practical and universal solution to women wanting to don the Lagertha Lothbrook costume is to buy the garbs separately. There’s no need to worry about brand names not the same across the board since it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the costume looks authentic. And since the costume is composed of a variety of garbs, including a chain mail, there’s no need to worry about costumes not looking coherent. Just make sure that each piece looks the part and the whole getup will be great.