Buying a Kukri for Outdoor Adventure


In a time where a large number of the global population are living in the concrete jungles of the metropolis, it isn’t surprising that many yearn for a taste of being in the outdoors. No, this is not a trip outside the office and to the coffee shop but a genuine escape from the corporate environment. It doesn’t have to be a permanent thing to provide a fresh perspective on things. However, it’s not unheard of that there are some who leave their city life and go off the grid as much as they could. So, who’s up for a trek of self-discovery through the Appalachian trail?


But before considering a weekend or half a year of living in the wild, one must take note that – ironically, it requires some investment; namely, spending on tools that will be used while on the trail or while camping out. One indispensable tool would be bladed implements; knives.


It’s worth noting that one of the most popular knives these days is the kukri, far more popular than a machete, at least for the knife enthusiast community. This is because of the kukri’s distinct design and overall shape. Its shape makes it versatile enough to function as both a hatched and a machete. The curved blade with a leading head can make easy work of splitting firewood. Its entire blade length can also make it a breeze to cut through the undergrowth in a trail less traveled. Nevertheless, no matter how many accolades are said about the kukri, it’s just as likely to have substandard iterations as other products.


Capitalism at its finest


A substandard kukri is more than just a waste of money. It’s not only the spent cash that one will be groaning about if their kukri broke while used during an outdoors adventure. It’s the very fact that they are rendered helpless. Bladed tools are that important in the wild.


One of the best ways to make sure to buy the best kukris for the money one is willing to spend is by visiting knife enthusiast message boards. These guys can provide a lot of insights and lessons on which brands and models to pick. They can also help a fellow out in deciding the ideal size for their outdoor adventure needs. You wouldn’t want an oversized blade for a weekend camp-out, for one.

An important consideration that anyone without experience in using a kukri should take note of is how the handle feels. The grip should be comfortable enough, considering that kukris are awkwardly-shaped. This awkward shape can be a little troublesome because people are so used to using straight blades such as kitchen knives. Getting used to the feel of a kukri won’t take that long, though. But it’s definitely ideal to remove the likelihood of injuries. And that is by getting one with an ergonomic handle.


The beauty of buying kukris or any product for that matter is that buyers aren’t limited to what the local store can offer. With the availability of a wider range of choices on the Internet, it’s easier to end up with a blade that fit one’s preferred specifications.