Eventually you will find yourself in pieces. Broken. Shattered like a glass knocked off a table. There are things that happen in everyone’s life that has this effect on us. Whether it’s losing a loved one, not getting something that you earned, or even being hated – everyone will experience life lashing out at them, and it’s not pretty. It’s important thought that we pick ourselves up, and put those pieces back together. The more times you do it, the stronger you become and before long you won’t find yourself slipping off the edge of the table again.

There is nothing heavier than a broken heart. Sometimes our hearts get broken, but the worst thing of all is when your heart is broken by a loved one. Losing a loved one or realizing that your love is only a one-way street is a traumatizing thing. But Mark Twain has a perfect quote for this: “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”. I love this quote because nothing in life should ever be a priority. If you find your heart broken by someone, you must quit feeling like things are priorities or meant to happen. Everything in life is an option, everything is a choice – you are never constricted to one path.

Like I said previously, sometimes we can have our hearts smashed by others. There are people out there in everyone’s lives that seek to do harm against your emotional state. They are parasites and feed off of it, but the best defense against this is to feed off of them. They want to see you broken, they want to see you fail; but you want to succeed. “Learn to use the criticism as fuel and you will never run out of energy” – Orrin Woodward. This is a perfect quote because this it is so true and logical. People want to break your heart, so use their ill will against them and develop a mindset that uses it as fuel. No matter what you do, never let others knock your glass off the table again.

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