Engineering At Its Best, Who is Tops?

So you have decided which type of course you would like to study, but it can be confusing when there are so many programs to choose from. When choosing a course it is important to make sure that the subjects studied within the course are the ones you wish to study, this allows you to work towards your strengths. It is also worth looking at teaching methodologies, do you prefer theory or practical. Whilst most courses incorporate both hands on learning and theory there can be a vast difference in the proportion of time spent doing either. There is a varying rate of tuition fees charged across different universities and also in class sizes, so it is important to do your homework when thinking about which university to apply for.

Engineering courses can be specialised towards a particular discipline. Two examples include petroleum engineering and mechanical engineering. Both of these careers can provide you with a rewarding career and a hefty bank balance and it is not uncommon to be earning figures in the range of $100,000.

Petroleum engineering is one of the highest paying occupations in America. Natural gas and oil resources are one of the biggest concerns worldwide and there is a growing need for graduates in this field. The Bureau of Labour Statistics states that the average salary within this sector is $139,000. The majority of petroleum engineers work in the oil and gas industry and may be involved in extraction and refinement of these resources.

Courses are available at undergraduate and postgraduate level. It is important to make sure that the course is accredited by ABET. Study options range from the traditional university attendance route or online. There are a lot of courses to choose from and although there is no doubt that this is an arduous course to study, this is balanced by the high employment rates once qualified.

Alternatively your interest in engineering may be of a more mechanical type. Mechanical engineers can find employment in a wide range of sectors and can specialise in the type of machinery they are interested in. The range of courses in this sector is vast. Courses have a strong practical element, so if you like getting your hands dirty then this could be the course for you.

As with all programs of study, check out the individual subjects that make up the course. Post graduate employment rates are high and once qualified there are plenty of add on courses you can study to increase your expertise.

Picking The Best Direction To Fly Into The Future!

If you are looking for a job that will propel you into financial success then look no further than jobs such as working in the aerospace or computer science sectors. Both of these jobs can provide you with financial security whilst offering you a varied and interesting career.

Aerospace engineering incorporates scientific and technological expertise. You will be involved in aircraft design, manufacture and production. There is a high demand for aerospace engineers which means that you should have no problem finding a career in this interesting sector.  Aerospace engineering incorporates several engineering disciplines. Jobs are available in both the private and public sectors.

There is a wide range of courses available to study and there is a crossover of subjects studied within aerospace, aeronautical and astro-nautical courses, so it is worth exploring individual program descriptions. The types of subjects you will study include avionics, propulsion, aerodynamics, flight control, materials and structures, space flight, communications and computer science. Individual courses may place an emphasis on particular aspects of the study of flight.

The types of careers you may work in once qualified include manufacturing, design, airlines, transportation, armed forces, research-development and production.

Another sector which can provide graduates with a rewarding career is computer science. This is a growth sector whereby there is a predicted rise in available jobs. A computer science course incorporates software and hardware technologies. You will study subjects such as mathematics, engineering, programming, networks and problem solving.

The types of careers you may become involved in once you have graduated include computer programming, software designing, scientific analyst, IT project manager, computer system analyst, computer engineer, operating systems, and computer design and implementation.

With the rise of computers in everyday life there will always be a need for someone who has expertise in computer science. Big companies may hire you to update their systems or iron out glitches whilst large organisations including the healthcare or armed forces sectors also rely on the skills of their computer scientists.

There are many courses to choose from and it is worth checking out specifics such as class size, program fees and feedback from former students. You can expect to be taught things such as problem solving, technical skills, research skills, communication skills and organisational skills.

Can An Athletic Trainer Or Sports Medicine Expert Help With Pain?

If you play sports, you know just how easy it is to get injured. Sports involve using the same muscles and also repetitive movements at many times. This can cause the athlete to have a number of injuries that will need physical therapy for a full recovery.

Common Injuries

Many of the injuries an athlete has usually occur. It is ideal to know some of these injuries, so you will know exactly what to expect if one happens to you.

Listed below are some injuries:

Tennis Elbow– This injury generally occurs to tennis players and other athletes alike. Due to the overuse of the arms and elbows, inflammation may set in and cause pain and soreness for the injured person. A sudden injury to a muscle or tendons can result in tennis elbow injury.

Muscle Strain – When damage occurs to the muscles or attaching tendons this will translate to muscle strain. Soreness and pain are associated with this sports injury and commonly need the help of a physical therapist for a full recovery.

Ankle Spain – Many sports can cause an ankle sprain and this is sure to put even the most active athlete on the sidelines for a while.

Treatment Options

The best way to treat a serious injury is by relying on the help of a physical therapist once the problem has been diagnosed by a doctor. A physical therapist can work with the patient to create the best treatment possible and work towards a speedy recovery for the athlete.

Treatment of this type may include targeted exercises for an injury to help in recovery.  Physical therapy also includes massage therapy that will stimulate the muscles and work towards a faster healing process. The therapist is well trained to provide the highest level of treatment to help in getting better and back in the game.

Finally, if you are injured and need medical help it is necessary to obtain it right away. By working to get a medical diagnosis and beginning treatment with a physical therapist, this will put you back to optimal health levels to get on with life.


Designing a Better, More Beautiful Life For All

If you have a creative flair and are interested in buildings and architecture, then it may be worth considering a career in industrial design or as an architect.

 Design education is a growing concern, people are no longer interested just in the functionality of a building but also want buildings which look nice and are unique. To excel as an architect, not only will you need an eye for design but you will also need a good knowledge of the different materials involved in building work. You will need to be able to communicate your ideas to others and be able to work to strict deadlines.

Industrial designers combine art and science to create products which are aesthetic, effective and safe. Industrial designers can work in a wide range of manufacturing fields such as cars, toys, household items and machinery etc. Courses have an emphasis on fine art, teaching drawing and planning skills.

It is important to look at individual courses to make sure they involve the elements of study you are interested in. If you are interested in a career where you will be creating functional living and working space then an architecture course may be ideal for you. Degrees are available from bachelors through to doctoral studies. There are 125 professional programs available to choose from and this includes courses run at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Columbia and Yale.

If you find that your interests lays in creating and perfecting consumer products then an industrial design course may be exactly what you are looking for. There is potential to work across a wide range of industries.

There are 64 accredited schools across America and the courses are available at bachelor’s level. The course should be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Courses have a strong practical element but also encompass theory.

It is worth considering what type of industrial design you would like to work in, as different schools may place an emphasis on varying aspects of design. The course should provide you with a portfolio of work to showcase to future employers.

Careers That Are On Fire (And Which Ones To Go For)

Some careers will never go out of fashion and once you are qualified, pretty much guarantee that you will never be out of work. Two examples include biomedical engineering and veterinary practice.

When choosing which course to study it is important not only to consider where your interests lie, but also to consider the job market of the career you are hoping to enter. After studying hard to obtain your degree, hopefully you will get a career which will help you repay your student loans, whilst rewarding you with a well-paid salary and an interesting working life.

The Bureau of labour Statistics considers that one of the highest growth sectors is biomedical engineering; this means that there will be plenty of job opportunities for entry level candidates. Considering that the average starting wage is in the region of $53,800 for biomedical engineers it is definitely worth checking out this program for your majors.   Becoming a biomedical engineer will take lots of hard work, you will need to study hard and not everyone is up to the task.

The good news about this means that there are not many people graduating with the correct skills and knowledge so there is a high demand for people with this qualification.

If you are thinking about studying biomedical engineering it is worth exploring the different programs on offer. The entry level degree to enter a program is a bachelor’s degree. The accrediting body for biomedical engineering schools is ABET, so it is important to make sure your course is accredited.

Alternatively, another career which will guarantee you a good return for your studying is veterinary medicine. Median salary is $66,590 per annum. Once qualified there are many avenues you can specialise in; you could work in a veterinary practice dealing with domestic pets, work on farms, ranches or zoo’s, work in the pharmaceutical sector or become a livestock inspector.

There are 28 veterinarian schools throughout America. It is important to make sure that the course you undertake is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical association. It can take 4 years to earn the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine certificate. Getting a place at one of the schools is very competitive, only a third of potential candidates get a place on the course.

Are Online Degrees in Economics Economical?

If you are thinking of studying economics then you probably have a strong interest in finances, and what better place to start then examining if an online economics course is more cost effective than attending a red brick university.

Many different degree programs are now offered online, these allow the student flexibility of when and how they study, prevent unnecessary expenses such as travelling or finding new accommodation and for some students allows them the flexibility of working whilst they study.

More and more people are choosing this mode of study and it is especially attractive to mature students who may find it difficult to uproot their family in order to pursue their dream course.

Advanced technology and faster internet capabilities mean that online courses can even offer you a virtual classroom experience, one to one contact with the course facilitator and access to university libraries, all from the comfort of your armchair.

Both undergraduate and graduate programs are available and there is a wide range of online courses to choose from. The beauty of online courses is that you can pace your learning to your own needs, even choosing the time of day that study suits you.

Students of economics study subjects such as economic trends, forecasting, data analysis and financial models. There are plenty of job opportunities for new graduates, especially those from top economics schools, and a wide array of industries in which to work.

Top Universities as based on a report by include Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of technology, Princeton University, Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley, Columbia University, California Institute of Technology, University of California-Los Angeles, Cornell University and Brown University. All of these universities have an excellent reputation and it is worth checking out individual programs for online opportunities.

To study a course online you will need a strong sense of self-motivation, have access to a computer and be extremely organised.

Online courses are a cost effective way to study; course fees tend to be lower which means that you can get your degree at a fraction of the price of attending a university. Most online courses allow you full access to the college facilities as and when you require using them.

Are Rankings Worth Their Salt?

Universities and Colleges are often boasting about where they appear in ranking tables and sometimes it is hard to discern if this is just a clever marketing trick or whether ranking really is important when it comes to deciding which university it is best to study at.

The Universities which often get in the top ten of university rankings in America tend to be larger institutions, they receive higher research grants which allows them to offer better facilities, they often have an impressive Alumni, are more likely to publish research or appear in the media- which helps the University become more well known.

The downside of this impressive list is; that the courses often cost more, can be very competitive to get into and class sizes are likely to be larger.

Like any other sector, universities need to market themselves to attract new students. Universities place great emphasis on winning awards and getting listed in the top ten is a very lucrative position for universities to be in.

Where it can be important to get into a top ranking University is when you are studying professional courses such as Pharmacy or Physical therapy.

Top ranking schools produce graduates who have a competitive edge when it comes to gaining employment. It is important to make sure that your course is accredited by the relevant body, for pharmacy accreditation comes from the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) whilst physical therapy is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).

If your course is not accredited by the relevant body you will be unable to gain a licence to work within your chosen field.

Top ranking schools for physical therapy include the University of Southern California, University of Delaware, University of Pittsburgh, Washington University and U.S. Army- Baylor University.

Top ranking schools for pharmacy include University of California at San Francisco, University of North Carolina, University of Minnesota, University of Texas and University of Wisconsin. All of these top ranking schools attract students due to ranking high in the University tables, and this does mean that places can be very competitive for students to get onto.

Culinary schools give students a taste of success

Culinary schools allow students to gain expertise in the area of cooking and presenting food. It is a creative and practical program of study combining theory and hands on practice.

There are many course’s available in the U.S. and it is important to choose a program of study which suits you. Culinary art has been widely recognised in the media, there is now a wide range of television programs about cooking and preparing food and competition for study positions is growing

The top culinary schools in the U.S., as based on several surveys include Le Cordon Bleu, Culinary Institute of America, Johnson and Wales University, Kendall University, The International Culinary Center, The Institute of Culinary Education, New England Culinary Institute, The Arizona Culinary Institute, L’Academie de Cuisine and the Stratford University School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality management.

All of these courses teach the culinary skills required in order to create fantastic dishes, but there is a wide variation in the type of food specialisms on offer, including French cuisine, hotel and restaurant management, Food science. Some of the schools allow you to study a bachelor’s degree in this subject, but most importantly also provides you with hands on training, necessary if you are hoping to cut it as a chef when you finish the course.

The duration of course’s does vary and some courses provide you with internships which are an important consideration. Culinary courses are available throughout America. Places such as New York and Texas provide you with a choice of schools to attend and many have won awards for the courses they run.

The best culinary schools in America have been running for over a decade and have been recognised for their innovative teaching methods and facilities. When exploring schools it is worth considering the cost of the program, class size, specialisms and whether any renowned chefs are associated with the school.

Culinary expertise is a growing specialism; following the course students find work in restaurants, within the media, within hotel management and within schools.

It is possible to become an expert in your field, and as with all the best professions culinary art is a lifelong endeavour.

Gunsmithing Peaks The Interest Of Many

There is a wide range of courses available if you are interested in becoming a gunsmith. Many people decide to train as a gunsmith following an interest in guns and craftsmanship. The National Rifle association runs short term courses that run from several days to 2 weeks duration, ideal if you fancy trying this out.

There is also an American gunsmithing institute which can provide you with plenty of information if you are thinking of pursuing gun-smithing as a career. Courses cover how to keep you gun in a perfect condition, how to repair and maintain your gun and can keep you up to date on current legislation. Here is a list of 10 great gunsmithing schools in the US.

Gunsmiths require both woodwork and metal work skills, so you need to be good at these technical aspects. You will also require excellent maths and problem solving skills as there will be intricate bits of machinery to work with. Mechanical expertise is also required, you will need a good working knowledge of the different components of a gun and how they work. You will need lots of knowledge about different guns.

To work as a gunsmith you will require a licence so it is important that you have an unblemished criminal record, any misdemeanors could seriously affect your chances of obtaining a licence. Many people become a gunsmith because they have a strong interest in guns.

To become a gunsmith you will need to think about your subject courses at high school, taking classes in technical subjects such as woodworking, drafting and machinery. You can then apply to a gunsmith program at college, this can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to complete, alternatively you may consider an online course.

Following your education it is a good idea to apply for an apprenticeship, this will further your experience and expertise and give you hand on practical skills. You will need to apply for a federal firearms licence which allows you have in your possession other people’s firearms; this can be obtained once you are over 21 years of age. Although some gunsmiths work independently many choose to work for a company as this provides you with a regular salary. Jobs are available at firearm stores, manufacturers and armouries.

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Mechanical Engineers Doing Good: Saving Dogs With Degenerative Myelopathy

Degenerative myelopathy is a progressive weakness that affects dog’s hind legs. Commonly a disorder found in German Shepherd dogs over the age of 5 years but can be found in other breeds as well. The condition is painless but can greatly affect a dog’s mobility. It has been described as being similar to multiple sclerosis found in humans, where degeneration of the myelin sheath which surrounds nerves deteriorates, preventing nerves from reaching certain muscles. This results in weakness and uncoordinated movement. It has been described as an autoimmune disease, this is where the dogs own immune system attacks its body, but it is not known why it occurs. Make sure to consult a qualified veterinarian prior to diagnosing the canine with this disease.

There have been suggestions that there is a genetic cause, whilst other researchers consider it to be the result of environmental factors. There is no cure for degenerative myelopathy and so management of symptoms is the only way to go, with drug and rehab programs. Some people opt for euthanasia when the dog’s quality of life decreases, whilst others look for technical devices which can improve mobility.

Symptoms of degenerative myelopathy include your dog dragging his hind legs, difficulty with standing up, uncoordinated gait and lacerations on the top of the rear paws. Dogs will have difficulty navigating steps or hurdles of any size and they may move much slower than they previously did. The main goal if a dog has this disease is to prevent progression of the disease, this can involve maintaining a healthy weight and adding supplementation to your dog’s diet that has been shown to aid cartilage. Swimming can be a gentle exercise for your dog and is great for maintaining fitness. Rehabilitation can teach the owner how to exercise their dog to maximise muscle use, coordination and balance.

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Mechanical engineers may be able to help you to find a solution for your dog by designing and creating a device that can fit to your dog’s back legs to aid mobility, commonly this will be a lightweight wheeled device that will enable your dog to get around. Mechanical engineers are very creative in creating devices that could aid your dog, and although this may be an expensive way to help your dog, many owners would be happy for anything that helps.

Keep it Clean: Few Great Rips about your Car Repair

When it comes to getting where you need to go, you must have your car in excellent condition. This means taking your car in for routine check-ups and oil changes when needed. The advantages of keeping your car running and looking good will allow you to get where you need to be.

Getting a Car Check-up

By taking your car into the mechanic every few months or when needed, you can avoid unwanted expenses that may occur due to neglecting your car. Taking care of your automobile is key to low auto repair bills.

Listed below are some things your mechanic can do during a check-up:

1. Check and change the oil in your car.
2. Change the air filters in your car
3. Check the tire pressure of your tires to make sure these are at optimal levels.
4. Looking at all the fluids in your car including the transmission fluid, radiator fluids and other areas that must be filled to capacity.
5. Providing the details on the condition of your car and any repairs that need to be made for optimal performance of your vehicle.

The mechanic you select can make a huge difference in the condition of the interior and exterior of your car.

What to Look for in a Mechanic

When choosing your auto repair person you will want to ask specific questions to be sure he or she is right for the job. Be sure you know this individual is qualified to work on your car and has the necessary number of certifications and training to do so.

Look at the track record of the mechanic and check online reviews to see what other customers had to say about the work he or she received from this specific mechanic.

Finally, taking care of your car is critical if you wish to get where you need to go with the less amount of hassle and stress. By having a car without problems involving break-downs and huge repair bills, you can have less anxiety about going where you need to go.

The art of therapy: exploring some alternatives

When it comes to feeling your best and beating the mental challenges of life, you will want to consider the art of therapy. Depression and anxiety can cause a high amount of stress to occur and this is not good for your health. By taking the time to learn of new alternatives, you can have less stress and better health.

One perfect way to reach this goal is through cooking. If you want to become a chef, this may provide you the treatment you need to feel better and move on with your life.

How to Become a Chef

The first thing you will want to do if becoming a chef is perfect for you is to enroll in a culinary school. There is a variety of programs that are readily available for any candidate that wishes to pursue this career.

Consider two or four year program if you desire to be a professional chef. If you simply want to have an outlet and a way to enjoy life, you may want to go for a two year career.

Culinary schools can provide top of the line training that will assist you in meeting any goal you wish to obtain. By providing you with the skills to become the best cook possible (brisket, anyone?), this is the place to learn.

Providing Therapy

Cooking is one of the top therapies for people that simply wish to improve upon life and stay busy in a productive manner. Who doesn’t like to eat? Providing food that is appreciated by others is sure to allow you to feel much better about yourself and life.

By choosing an alternative treatment that you enjoy doing and offer you satisfaction, you can decrease episodes of depression and anxiety by simply being in a better state of mind. Cooking is just one avenue of creative therapy; many others exist as well.

Finally, take the time to find the best culinary school possible for you to become a chef you want to be. This will open many doors and allow you to meet others and have an alternative therapy required for a higher quality of life.

Technical Job Face Off: Veterinary Assistant vs Nuclear Med Tech

If you love working with animals and providing needed assistance, you may want to pursue a career as a veterinary assistant. This will allow you to have direct contact with the animals and help you in being able to help the doctors, as well.

What does a Veterinary assistant do?

The assistant to the vet will bring the animals into the office and make preparations for any medical procedure that may be needed. Preparing the animal for the required surgery or medical procedures is a huge part of the vet’s work.

One large part of the vet work includes bathing and disinfecting the animals for before seeing the vet. It is also important to be sure the animal is sterile for any type of surgery that is required to be formed.

There are many benefits to this position and if you love animals, you will enjoy providing care for these special creatures.

What is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist?

If you enjoy working in the medical field, you may want to pursue a job in the nuclear medicine technology field. This will allow you to work in a specialized area of healthcare.

Some of the basic tasks of this position are listed below:

1.             Administer drugs for patients and provide therapeutic procedures.

2.             Processing data and digital imaging for the healthcare provider.

3.             Taking the time to evaluate new protocols.

There is a connection between the nuclear medicine technologist and the vet assistant when it comes to animals.

How these Two Work Together

When an animal is in need of special treatment that the nuclear medicine professional can provide, this will help in healing the animal in a much shorter amount of time. It is an idea to rely on nuclear medicine to treat disease in certain situations.

Finally, when the vet assistant and nuclear medicine professional can work together to heal the animal, this is an ideal situation. Modern technology has encouraged this over the years and it is finally at the point where this is beneficial to any animal requiring this level of care.


Can An Athletic Trainer Or Sports Medicine Expert Help With Pain?

If you play sports, you know just how easy it is to get injured. Sports involve using the same muscles and also repetitive movements at many times. This can cause the athlete to have a number of injuries that will need physical therapy for a full recovery.

Common Injuries

Many of the injuries an athlete has usually occur. It is ideal to know some of these injuries, so you will know exactly what to expect if one happens to you.

Listed below are some injuries:

Tennis Elbow– This injury generally occurs to tennis players and other athletes alike. Due to the overuse of the arms and elbows, inflammation may set in and cause pain and soreness for the injured person. A sudden injury to a muscle or tendons can result in tennis elbow injury.

Muscle Strain – When damage occurs to the muscles or attaching tendons this will translate to muscle strain. Soreness and pain are associated with this sports injury and commonly need the help of a physical therapist for a full recovery.

Ankle Spain – Many sports can cause an ankle sprain and this is sure to put even the most active athlete on the sidelines for a while.

Treatment Options

The best way to treat a serious injury is by relying on the help of a physical therapist once the problem has been diagnosed by a doctor. A physical therapist can work with the patient to create the best treatment possible and work towards a speedy recovery for the athlete.

Treatment of this type may include targeted exercises for an injury to help in recovery.  Physical therapy also includes massage therapy that will stimulate the muscles and work towards a faster healing process. The therapist is well trained to provide the highest level of treatment to help in getting better and back in the game.

Finally, if you are injured and need medical help it is necessary to obtain it right away. By working to get a medical diagnosis and beginning treatment with a physical therapist, this will put you back to optimal health levels to get on with life.


Physical Therapy in Adults

Living the best possible life means relying on physical therapy if the need arises. For example, if you sprain an ankle or need assistance in recovery, you will want to choose physical therapy to help in getting you back on your feet.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy will involve treatment for any injury you may have sustained. This will involve one-on-one treatment that will encourage and promote a speedy recovery. Treatment methods include daily exercise and massage with the therapist until the patient is completely healed.

Meeting with a physical therapist will allow for a diagnosis to be made and agreed upon between the therapist and the patient. Setting a precise program that must be followed for healing is perfect to recover from a sprain of bone fracture.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy

One of the largest benefits of a successful physical therapy program involves a speedier recovery. Any body part or bone will take the adequate amount of time to heal, but with the help of a therapist this can be completed in a much shorter amount of time with less difficulty.

Additionally, many insurance providers will pay for this treatment and this will avoid a number of out-of-pocket expenses to occur for the patient. It is ideal to rely on your insurance company to help in paying for your full recovery.

Occupational and Physical Therapy

Therapies that are similar in concept involved the occupational and physical type therapies. For example, occupational treatment works to help a child with special needs to function better and have a higher quality of life. It is perfect for any person to avoid stress and work to live a better life when dealing with a health or mental issue.

Physical therapy will allow a person who has suffered a severe injury or trauma to work with therapists to heal. By working with a medical provider, this will help in a much faster time for recovery and being able to get on with life and complete daily tasks that are necessary for living.

Finally, if you need help recovering from any injury rely on the help of a physical therapist to help you.

Journalism and Computer Science Masters Program

If you are a writer, you must know how to use a computer with ease. These careers will go hand-in-hand and the key to your writing success may lay in how well you can function on the computer.

Benefits of Combining these Programs

Being a journalist will require a great deal of typing and writing on a daily basis. The benefits of being a writer include the ability to readily apply your creativity to the content your write and make a decent living.

When you combine the training of a journalist with that of a computer science professional, this is a winning combination. Daily duties of using a computer and being able to repair small problems as these arise are sure make your job easier as a writer.

Careers you can Consider

Graduating with a dual major has a number of benefits. The ability to have a variety of careers to select from is sure to be at the top of the list.

Listed below are careers for a person who receives a dual education in these areas:

  1. Online editor for any writer organization or website.
  2. A web creator for websites and businesses
  3. Start your own company in the writing or editing business online.
  4. Work with clients all over the world online by editing copy or writing.
  5. Preparing data for journalist companies required for publication and verifying facts.

There are many careers that are readily available for the person who has a degree in journalism and computer science can achieve.

Salary Range

One of the major benefits for completing a dual degree program is the salary you will have the potential to earn. The salary is high with an extensive range and largely based on how much business you do each day. You can expect to earn between $60,000.00 – $100,000.00 and possibly more when you are educated in both of these areas.

Finally, take advantage of this idea by enrolling in your local college or university for the amount of training required to allow for success in your career.

Embark On A Career As A College Professor In Finance

If you love the classroom, then consider teaching finance. If you have completed you Certified Public Accounting programme then teaching is a possibility. A career in academia could be very fulfilling and at the moment there is a shortage of financial educators. Salaries are in the region of $120,000, so this is an excellent career choice to broaden your horizons and your bank balance. A job in academia can be very rewarding, knowing that you are contributing to the next generation of accountants.

You will need to be an excellent communicator and be able to explain complex material in a way that students are able to understand and relate to. If you like to disseminate information and ideas then this is an ideal role for you.

Working in academia will keep you abreast of current legislation and financial regulations so is also excellent for your portfolio if you decide to step back into the business world at a later date. Working in academia can also open doors for you if you decide to work in the research field.

Many educators go on to study at PHD, although this is not a necessary requirement, depending on which level of teaching you are hoping to aspire to. Whether you get a PhD or not, more study is often required to keep up on the most recent requirements that are needed by a CPA.


If you are not sure if you are ready to teach, try an adjunct position first. You may wish to dip a toe in the water by offering some lectures at a local college to see if you have a feel for this type of work. This can be as a part time position alongside your normal day to day work.

There are also positions available if you wish to pursue teaching as an assistant professor, this would allow you to teach at an institution where you would be granted tenure, which can provide you with added job security. Following on from this the next step would be a post tenure position as an Associate professor; this role would allow you to undertake research in your chosen area and will help determine your expertise.

A full professor appointment is then possible; this can be a demanding role where you are much more involved in the running and direction of the University, but can be a very fulfilling role once you have the requisite experience.

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Education Requirements Are Different For Accountants And Auditors

An undergraduate degree in accounting is needed for a career in auditing. An auditor is a variation of an accountant, although it involves dealing with financial information the main emphasis is on ensuring that a company’s financial transactions are accurate and transparent. There are two fields of auditing; internal and external.

In order to work as an auditor you require an accounting degree (which opens doors to entry level jobs), further certification is usually required at master’s level. There is a choice of undertaking the Certified Public Accountant accreditation for external auditors, or the Certified Internal Auditor for internal auditing. There is also the choice of a Master of Accountancy degree which is a one year study course full time.

The Bureau of Labour exchange predicts a rise of 16% in auditing jobs. Internal auditors tend to work for private companies, ensuring that all financial transactions comply with industry regulation and legislation. The internal auditor can advise companies regarding finances and highlight policies that can benefit the company.  External auditors tend to work for public accounting firms.

Average pay after 4 years’ experience is between the regions of $38,000 – $63,000.


You don’t need a Bachelor’s degree to be an accountant; you can get into the field of accounting with an Associate degree. An Associate degree will cover aspects of spread sheet applications, accounting principles, business and managerial accounting, computer technology, business and tax law etc. The focus is on maths, English and science. These subject matters will prepare you if you decide at a future date to undertake the 4 year Bachelor degree. The Associate degree takes two years to complete and quite often you will need to have a high school diploma or GED in order to successfully apply.

Graduates of the associate degree program will find a wide variety of career options available to them including; junior book keeper, business officer manager, accounts payable coordinator etc. Average salary is in the region of $35,000. Once you have your Associate degree you can continue your education allowing you to climb up the career ladder as your expertise grows

The Life and Challenges of a Certified Public Accountant

A certified public accountant is a career involved in accounting and auditing. It requires a thorough working knowledge of laws and regulations that pertain to all financial dealings. To become a certified public accountant (CPA) you will need to pass further exams and this will allow you to be professionally registered with a board of accountancy. Different states award different CPA licenses.

The CPA license can help promote your career, allowing you to command a higher salary and providing you with more autonomy in your working practices. As a CPA you may oversee other accountants.

Careers are available in the public sector either within financial firms such as banks, insurance offices and investment firms. Other public sector jobs include working within government or law enforcement agencies. Careers are also available within the private sector, working for large international companies. Generally the private sector will allow you to earn a higher salary.

In 2011 the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average accountant salary was in the region of $59,430. The lowest 10% of accountant salary was in the region of $36,720 and the highest 10% of accountant earnings were in the region of $102380.
Accountancy jobs come within the top ten percent of high paying jobs.

The majority of accountants worked in the fields of bookkeeping, payroll or tax preparation. Accountancy careers are on the rise, this means there is plenty of opportunity for new graduates to get on the career ladder.

A CPA plays a vital role within any organization, the CPA is responsible for keeping a check on the organizations financial concerns involving, auditing, financial forecasts, budgeting and analyzing financial trends. The role involves meticulous attention to detail as accuracy is paramount with the aim of making financial dealings transparent to others.

It is important not to be fazed when dealing with numbers, have good communication skills, be computer literate, have oodles of patience and be happy to continue with life long learning- so that you are up to date with all the current regulations.

CPA Job Description (Certified Public Accountant)

Getting Started in the field of Accounting

There are many different types of accounting jobs such as forensic accounting,
Management accounting, Governmental accounting and International accounting etc.
What all these careers have in common is a high level of re-numeration, chance to rise up through the ranks, possibility of international travel and the opportunity to work with other agencies to undermine criminal organisations.

To get ahead in accounting it is important to obtain an appropriate degree. Accounting allows you to have a high paying entry job with the possibility of gaining an even higher salary as your experience and expertise grows.

After getting your accountancy degree you can expect to receive a salary within the region of $61,690 per annum, but further specialization in the field of accountancy could see you receiving an even higher salary. Working in the private sector tends to command a higher salary than what might be expected in the public sector, whilst self employed accountants probably earn the highest amount of all.

Many accountancy careers offer additional benefits such as health and life insurance, there may also be the possibility of company cars and financial bonuses.

It usually takes between 3-4 years to qualify as an accountant, and often employers will help towards study costs and exams. The best graduate accountancy jobs include those from large international firms, but smaller firms may offer a host of extra benefits which should not be overlooked. When choosing which sector you would like to work in it is important to weigh up what working conditions you would be happy to work in, and what further experience you would like to gain to further your career.

Important factors to consider include where you want to work, which area you would like to specialise in, do you feel comfortable with the companies ethics and culture, do you want to travel, which type of clients you would prefer to work with and what your future prospects are with a particular company. Entry level jobs can be a good stepping stone to something more lucrative in the future.

Is The Federal Government The Best Way To Refinance Student Loans?

Leaving graduate school behind with a hefty student loan debt can be overwhelming, but by leaving with a professional degree, you made an important investment in your career and future, an investment that will pay rewards for the rest of your life.

Even so, there’s no denying that the burden of student loan debt can be daunting, but there are ways to refinance your student loans and end up with easier to handle payments and sometimes you can even have the debt forgiven. While these aren’t the best ways to handle your debt problem, they are options if all else fails.

Federal and Private Loans

Federal student loans, funded by the Federal government, come with a number of benefits including income based repayment plans and fixed interest rates while private student loans are typically more expensive.

Federal Student Loan Refinancing

Federal loan consolidation is a good choice for borrowers who have a number of student loans. These loans consolidate into one convenient monthly payment and extend the length of time for repayment with the end result being that your monthly payment goes down. The interest rate on your combined loan will be averaged by the rates on your current loans.

You should consider using federal government refinancing options if you’re having trouble keeping up with your monthly payments, aren’t eligible for forbearance or deferment solutions and are trying to keep from defaulting. You won’t have to start paying on your federal student loans until you leave school, graduate, or change your enrollment status.

Private Student Loan Refinancing

Private student loans are non-federal and offered by lenders that include credit unions, banks, a state agency or school. A lot of private student loans call for payments while you’re still attending school. In addition, private student loans typically require an established credit record and the cost of refinancing can depend on your credit score among other variables. While refinancing with a private lender may lower your payments, the total interest you pay over the term of the loan may increase if your credit is less than perfect.

Forgives Some Student Loans

There are some circumstances that can lead to your student loans being forgiven , including if you are permanently disabled, are facing bankruptcy, if you die, your school closes while you’re enrolled, are employed in selected public service jobs and have made a minimum of 120 payments under certain repayment plans. Student loan forgiveness is a complicated process and one you want to avoid if at all possible.

Refinancing or consolidating student loans isn’t for everybody; you’ll need to be employed and in most cases, to even be considered (at a fair interest rate), you’ll need to have a good credit score, especially if it has improved since you took on the loans. If you decide to refinance your student loans one of the more important things you’ll want to ensure is that you’ll get a lower interest rate; it should go down not up (along with your monthly payment). Do your homework and get all the specifics before you sign on the dotted line.

Building Credit As A College Student: The Facts

One of the best things about growing up is the thrill of independence, moving out on your own, attending college, being responsible for everything you do (good or bad) for the first time in your life.

With this new found freedom comes learning how to be financially responsible and building good credit will be the key to your long term success, helping you quality for everything from the latest cell phone to leasing an apartment, to getting a car loan, it can even be a deciding factor in whether or not you get a job. It can sometimes take a while to really gain traction building up your credit, but the following credit building facts will help guide you in the right direction.

Knowledge is Power; Understanding Your Credit Score

Your credit score is the number credit bureaus provide that’s a representation of your ability to repay your loans. Typically, the credit score number most people are concerned with is the FICO credit score, which varies from 300 to 850. The higher your FICO score, the more likely it is that lenders will approve your loan and the better interest rate you’ll get.

Building Credit with a Credit Card

You’ve probably heard over and over that it’s important to have a credit card or two and to use them responsibly if you want a high credit score. No doubt you’ve also been told that making monthly, on time payments on your car or mortgage are additional ways to keep your credit score up and impress the lenders. All of the above is true.

The fastest way to build up your credit score comes down borrowing and paying back the debt on time. While it may seem counter-intuitive to spend money to build credit, it works as long as you can use self control when it comes avoiding whipping out your credit card every chance you get and spending more than you can pay back.

Building Credit Without a Credit Card

This is a tough one, but you can build credit without a credit card if you get creative. If you don’t have any loans that you can count on to build credit, in some cases you can use your rental payments to do so. While making rental payments on time hasn’t officially been considered as a sign of being financially responsible, there are a number of websites that will send rental payment information to the credit bureaus, including, a company that has a connection with Experian.

Consumers who go to the website can sign up and pay their rent through the site, and it’ll be reported to Experian (electronic withdrawal is free). You’ll want to keep in mind however that if you’re late paying your rent a negative mark will end up on your credit report.

Self Report

Credit reports only track money you’ve borrowed, which is why credit reports don’t include information on whether you’ve been paying your utility bills, (electric or water bills) rent to own situations, etc., on time. Website’s like Payment Reporting Builds Credit (, a company that was founded in 2002 let credit conscious consumers’ sign up (for free) and self report on time. While PRBC may not be in line with the 3 credit bureau big boys, a positive report from PRBC can’t hurt.

Keep in mind that none of these strategies will work if you don’t pay your bills on time. In fact, you could make things worse by self reporting if the data being reported show that you’re always late paying your bills. But if you pay your bills on time, you’ll earn a higher credit score; it isn’t necessarily hard but it does take discipline and time.

Tips For Managing Your Student Loan Debt (Consolidate!)

Whether you’re just starting college, or are a recent graduate, student loan debt is a subject that’s sure to be on your minds. Following are some personal finance tips that can either help you avoid student debt all together (or lower the amount you end up owing) or help answer questions for the recent grads who need to know there are options if student loan debt becomes too much to handle.

1. First and foremost, only consider going the student loan route if you’ve researched all the available resources of free financial aid (grants, scholarships, work-study). Dealing with student loans, in addition to having to manage their personal finances can be all consuming for students.

2. Put together a budget before you take out a student loan (s). Setting up a budget and sticking isn’t easy always easy, but it’s the only way to be in stay in control of your finances.

3. Find out about all the possible loan program options available to and compare them before making your final decision. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you’ve exhausted all of the financial aid sources that you won’t have to repay.

4. Figure out how much you can realistically afford to borrow on your student loan and repay centered on your expected future earnings. Based on the numbers you’re comfortable with, try to set up a loan repayment schedule that you can live with (and the loan provider will approve) so you can optimize your cash flow for living expenses and other necessities.

5. Look over your credit report and take the time to understand it; you can get your credit report through Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian, the 3 top credit report agencies). Your credit report is a collection of information about you and your credit history, and it can have a huge impact on your life. Establish a good credit history by making your student loan payments on time.

6. Get in touch with your loan provider about any changes that may involve your ability to make your loan payments. These status changes can include factors like changing your name or address, transferring to a different school, dropping out of school or graduating.

7. Consider deferments (a period of time that your loan holder suspends your loan payments) or forbearance (temporarily lowers or postpones your federal student loan payments) if you need to adjust or suspend your payments temporarily. Do not stop making payments until you have official notification that your request for either has been approved.

8. Look into a consolidation loan if you want to consolidate several loans or types of loans into one loan. Consolidation can assist you with managing your student loan debt and allows you to combine multiple student loans together, resulting in one loan payment

9. Worst case, there are some programs that will forgive some or all of your federal student loans if you are employed in certain fields or for certain types of employers, including public service, government or nonprofit jobs (visit for more info).

Expanding Your Teaching Horizons…Or Your Border At Least!

Gaining international experience is one of the great things about teaching. You can build up your knowledgebase and then apply different techniques in the classroom to help students better understand the lessons. However, expanding your horizons across borders can be tricky. While a Master’s in education is obtainable online, which is an excellent option for both current teachers who want to expand their career options and prospective teachers, you will still need the hands on experience and that means travel.

Canadians who want to teach in the U.S. are going to need to understand how a U.S. classroom operates. This is where an international university education can be handy.

Finding a School

The first step is to find reputable, accredited institutions that have a relationship with the U.S. Medaille College in Amherst, New York is one such institution as it’s been working with Canadian teacher students for more than a quarter of a century. Canadian Master’s students not only get a tuition discount, but they also get the hands on training needed to understand the U.S. Education system. That means they can hit the ground running upon graduation as they will be qualified to apply for teaching certification in New York state and Ontario, Canada.

Kaplan University is another option that provides Canadian students with educational opportunities. International students can get their immigration paperwork done by the school so that they can be issued a student visa. Once they submit proof of proficiency, transcripts, and financial ability, then the process begins.

Both processes help Canadian students not only get familiar with the educational system in the U.S. but it also smooths the educational path by obtaining their degree from a U.S. Department of Education accredited institution; they won’t have to start over by re-earning a bachelor’s and further delaying their progress.

For those who already have a master’s from a Canadian university and want to teach in the United States, they can do so by applying for a J-1 visa to the teach in primary and secondary schools in the U.S. In addition to at least three years of teaching experience, they must meet the standards of the state that they want to teach in, and must have an offer to teach at a fully accredited school.

If teaching is your passion, don’t let anything stop you! Whether you get a degree from a great school like USC or your local college, your success or failure will depend on the level of dedication you give to your career.

Is Teaching In Canada For You?

Canada, along with Finland, has one of the best education systems in the world. Like many countries, they take a more student- oriented approach and have a systematic plan in place to make sure they attract the best of the best teachers. It’s no secret that the U.S. educational system needs to be tweaked and maybe looking to Canada’s model may provide clues. Here are a few facts to consider:

More Educated Immigrants and Citizens

According to statistics, nearly half of Canadian immigrants have either a college or university degree, compared to less than 40 percent of immigrants in the U.S. That’s thanks in part to the system that accommodates low-achieving students by offering them sub-baccalaureate options that are not considered second-rate or inferior. They also make college and university affordable; in some cases, getting a two-year degree is free.

Teaching is Taken More Seriously

At the primary and secondary level, a teaching assistant can be a great career path but in the U.S., a teaching assistant can be anyone and doesn’t have to have any special education requirement. In Canada, the bar is set high for anyone entrusted to teach the youth of the country, including teaching assistants. who earn an average of $27,000 to $45,000 per year.

Their roles are to make sure that students understand what’s going on and don’t fall behind. In many cases, being a professor seems to be a stable, well-paid and fairly relaxed job but it’s taken much more seriously in Canada than in the U.S. Teachers at all levels are revered and only the best are kept in the field. There is no room for substandard teachers or professors in the Canadian education system.

Communication and Training

The school system prides itself on keeping the lines of communication open with all parties involved including various government entities and unions so that teachers are paid well and that working conditions are good. Both countries agree on that objective but where they differ is in implementation. The teaching profession seeks to attract only top candidates because everyone involved has one goal and that’s to make sure that the students get the education they need.

To that end, all teachers are required to undergo rigorous continued professional development and special effort is made to retain good teachers. So while the question may be whether teaching in Canada is right for you, the real question is, are you qualified enough to be a teacher in Canada?