Losing weight in pursuit for happiness- guaranteed confidence in wearing your best attire

I have been hitting the gym for the last one and half years in a bid to tone my body to look more elegant. Just like any other woman, my desire has always been to have an elegant body shape that I can feel comfortable wearing any type of attire, especially the leggings which are good at revealing every contour on a woman’s body.

Before getting pregnant, I had a perfect body shape that most of my friends have always wished for. But after giving birth to my son, I gained a lot of weight. I wasn’t taking good care of my body as I should have. Responsibilities of being a first time mother had overwhelmed to the point I almost forgot about myself.

With time, I could no longer fit into the skinny jeans and leggings that I used to wear before getting pregnant. My wardrobe was fully stocked with some of the best leggings for women one could ever find in shops. As a curvaceous woman, I loved wearing attire that hugged my body and I really felt comfortable in them.

However after gaining weight, my choice for clothing narrowed down to a few dresses and baggy jeans. I loved wearing these oversized clothes so as to hide the unwanted mass on my waist and the cellulite that had began to catch up on me.

By the time my son turned three years old, I had gained a lot of weight to the point that some of the old friends could no longer remember me when we met on the streets. Some even thought that I had become pregnant for a second time. It was embarrassing to explain to them that I had just gained some weight when I was busy parenting my first son.

In my quest to lose some mass, I started doing workouts aimed at burning extra calories. Most of the times, I starved myself so that I could lose weight faster. On the contrary, I ended up gaining more weight and unwanted mass on my body.

When I visited a nutritionist, he advised that I was doing it the wrong way. Most of the times, people starve themselves hoping that they will lose weight faster. It however calls for a lot of discipline and dedication to lose weight.

He advised on how to balance my diet so as to achieve set goal of losing extra weight. Diet is an important part of weight loss program, same as regular exercises. When I combined regular exercises with the correct diet, I was able to lose weight faster than I was doing before.

I also learnt about other food components that can help an individual to lose weight faster by enhancing burning of calories in the body. I learnt about white tea benefits, on how it can enhance metabolic processes leading to faster weight loss.

I focused on my weight loss program and within a few weeks, I began experiencing good results. I lost several pounds and I could now fit into clothes that I wasn’t wearing before. I slowly regained my curves and I could now wear my lovely leggings, dresses and shorts that I could not wear before.