Leather-Made Slim Wallets for Men



Most men cannot leave their homes without carrying their wallets. That is because as compared to a woman’s bag, the wallet is the one that contains the most important items of men. Such include their ATM, ID, and credit cards, as well some cash. More often than not, they put their wallets in their pockets since they are not fond of carrying a bag.

With that in regard, most wallets for men are bulky and are often protruding when in the pocket. However, nowadays, the design of their wallets has evolved and they can already find slim wallets to give them comfort without limiting the space wherein they can place the above-mentioned essential items.

Nonetheless, the use of leather materials in manufacturing wallets still did not change since they are still considered as the sturdiest materials. Thus, there are a lot of slim wallets that made of leather and selecting one can be overwhelming unless people read a lot of reputable and honest reviews of the best thin men’s wallets.

As such, in order to help men who are looking for leather-made, slim wallets or women searching for the perfect gift for their men, below are two recommended wallets that they can choose from.

Rugged Material Men’s Minimalist Wallet

This USA-made, Bifold-style wallet has a size dimension of 4.625″ x 3.25″ x .3125″ when folded and has a total weight of two ounces. Hence, it can accommodate standard paper bills. Also, there are slots to hold 10 ID, ATM, and/or credit cards. Color-wise, people can choose from brown, dark burgundy, and black. At the front area, people will see the leaf mountain logo that has a color silver, adding more style to the wallet.

The good thing is that the product is made using the Chicago-based horween chromexcel leather that gives it durability because it is three or four times thicker than other forms of leather. What is better is that the manufacturer has incorporated the so-called cryptalloy technology. It is a type of anti-theft system that blocks any form of RFID signals that are used by criminals’ steal tool information from the cards. In addition, the company offers a lifetime guarantee.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Leather Wallet

This imported product has a dimension of 3″ x 3.7″ inches and weighs approximately three ounces. It comes in six different colors namely black, charcoal, java slate, arctic blue, and blue steel. It can accommodate a minimum of four cards and a maximum of 14. What is better is that there are two slots that can easily be accessed so that commonly used cards can be easily pulled out. It can also accommodate a few folded bills but not that much.

Material-wise, the manufacturer used eco-friendly, carefully selected, and surface painted top-grain leather materials. Hence, when used properly and as recommended, it can last for a long time. Additionally, the company also offers a three-year warranty.

Final Conclusion

The two slim wallets discussed above are both made carefully and strategically. However, durability-wise, the one from Rugged Material outperforms the one from Bellroy since is made of full-grain leather. On the other hand, when it comes to minimalism, Bellroy is a better choice and is recommended for those who do not usually carry cash bills.