Improving the Indoor Air We Breath



The air we breathe is full of elements that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Outdoors, as we expect, the air is made of dust, molds, pollens, and any other things that are present in the environment. We often assume that when we go indoors, we are already safe from these illness-causing factors. That is because we keep our homes clean and do not leave our windows and doors open all day.

However, tiny molecules and molds will always be around since they can seep through even the tiniest spaces, as well as stick to our clothes and other inanimate objects that we bring from the outside to the inside. Although our body is capable of fighting off them off and mild exposure to them cannot really cause disease, we may experience coughs, colds, and allergic reactions regularly. What is worst is that if there are babies and elders at home, they will experience worse illnesses.

In addition, indoor air should also be mixed with the right amount of moisture in order to keep our skin and respiratory system healthy. That is because when the air lacks “water” or their no balance between the two, our bodies may start to use up its water content, which is not healthy for our organs. Such situation is common during summer, winter, and fall seasons. Amazingly, there are already products that can be resolved the problems mentioned above.

One of which is the so-called air purifiers. As the name implies, they are items that are manufactured to help remove any dust mites, smoke, pollens, etc. present in the air. They do so with the help of some materials or technology installed in them. Some may have HEPA filters, which are designed to trap particles that have micro sizes.

Other air purifiers may also have activated carbon, photo-catalytic oxidizers, or ionizers that work in a chemical manner to remove the impurities. The most advanced feature that has been incorporated in some modern air purifiers is ultraviolet light. These are the best ones since they can kill microorganisms.

On the other hand, air humidifiers are the ones that are designed to maintain the humidity level of indoor level. They are amazing products since they are known to help relieve dry sinuses and skin, as well as itchy eyes. In fact, they can even save furniture from damages. As similar to purifiers, they also work using different principles.

Some humidifiers have integral cloth or filter that has been moistened. This is then blown by a fan inside so that moisture can be released. Other models are designed to work using steam wherein heat is produced with the help of electricity in order to warm the water inside the designated compartment. Hence, they are often called steamers or vaporizers.

Final Thoughts

Having an indoor air that is clean and humid is something that every homeowner should consider. The only differences between purifiers and humidifiers are their main purposes and how they work. As recommended, it will be ideal to have both of these, especially if there are babies, toddlers, and elders at home. Interestingly, there are also portable and small units that can be bought.