How to Buy the Best In-Dash Navigation System

The benefits of a navigation system in an automobile cannot be ignored, which means that it is safe to say that every vehicle needs a navigation system. A Double DIN stereo provides you with entertainment and also an access to communication sources in all a single device. Majority of the best brands do come with added features of a smartphone.

Shopping for electronics or gadgets can be a bit of a headache especially if you don’t know what to look out for in whatever you might be in the market for. Buying a navigation system for your automobile shouldn’t be a problem after going through this article, where I have briefly summarized a few tips on how to buy the best navigation system for your car.

  1. Look out for screen size and resolution

The size and resolution of your screen are essential in determining the quality of images on the navigation system. The screen sizes available ranges from 6 Inch to 9 Inch with the majority ranging between 6 Inch and 7 Inch. It doesn’t really matter the size of screen you choose, what really matters is that you are able to get an excellent visibility when you take a glance. The resolution, on the other hand, is responsible for the sharpness of the picture which also aids in visibility.

  1. Point of Interest Feature

A good navigation system should have a point of interest feature that gives you information regarding places of interest around your location. This includes places like gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, hotels, and hospitals and even train stations. The POI feature allows you to easily move around and locate the nearest spots when driving in an unfamiliar town. Some systems even allow you to program a number of stops along the way to your destination.

  1. Access to real-time traffic data

Some of the best double din navigation system has access to real-time traffic services which provides you with real-time traffic information such as average speed along your route, traffic jams, and ongoing constructions. This service is however restricted to most metropolitan areas and usually requires a monthly paid subscription.

  1. Smart Phone Feature

You need to look out for the smartphone integration feature when shopping for a receiver. This is normally in the form of a touchscreen control that can be used to mimic some smartphone features. Some also spot a feature that can take control of some select apps when connected to through the receiver display.

  1. Check for warranty

A warranty provides you with a form of guarantee that the product will work perfectly over a period of time, some receiver systems provide warranties of more than 3 years while others offer warranties as from 6 months and above.

  1. Online Reviews

Once you have settled for a particular product to buy, the last thing you need to do is to check for online reviews from customers who have used the product in the past. Endeavor to go through a number of reviews just to ensure you don’t miss out anything.

In conclusion, you want to ensure that the double-DIN navigation system you get has great visibility and features that will make driving a lot simpler and stress-free.