FlipBelt Zipper Vs. Running Backpack: Which Is Better?




Running can be fun but how about the valuables that you need to carry along? Well, you have 2 options to choose from, wear a FlipBelt Zipper or bring along a running backpack. But which one is better? To help you decide what to choose, we came up with this detailed review of the new FlipBelt Zipper and running backpacks to somehow give you an idea about the two.

Your decision will depend on how many essentials you are planning to carry. Going for long runs and carrying a lot of stuff will require a bigger carrying space and that is where backpacks become more useful. But if you only need a few things, even smaller items like keys, ID and money then a FlipBelt Zipper will do. It is sure more comfortable to run if you need not hold any bag while doing so.

Your choice will also depend on how long you intend to run and how many hours you want to stay hydrated. If it’s an ultra-trail marathon you are getting yourself into then better choose a hydration backpack. Ultra-train marathons will require you to run 2-4 times further than the usual off-road marathon you attend. Since you will be by yourself during these runs, you will need a reliable water source to stay hydrated. Just keep your backpack as light as possible so it won’t cause discomfort along the way.


The FlipBelt Zipper can only carry small things. So, if you are just running for a small outdoor adventure but just need to carry small necessary items then a FlipBelt Zipper will be ideal. But if you choose to carry a backpack, you have the advantage of being able to carry essential gears or some snacks, but at the expense of dealing with its bounce as your run.


There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing and that includes comfort and preference of access. An average FlipBelt Zipper can holds 1-2 liters of water. And since it can hang lower than your body which allows gravity center during your run and in any activity you are engaged in.


As for the running backpack, you have to stop when grabbing something from it. However, there are those that are designed with utmost comfort owing to their contoured shape which makes them comfortable when hanged over your back. Just tighten their straps comfortably to avoid shifting the bag up and down or back and forth. This is important for anyone who wants to use the bag for their small adventure since they want to bring along some snacks.


Now that you have the idea about the difference of FlipBelt Zipper and running backpack, it should be easier for you to choose what to buy. There are extensive selections of products that wait for you. And reading through their amazing features might leave you confused on what to choose. However, if you stick on the guidelines mentioned on this post, you will pretty sure end up with a product that will serve you best.