Five Amazing Unique Features of TOTO Washlet S350e

2Despite all of your efforts in maintaining the cleanliness of your home, there are certain parts of your household that are difficult to clean and preserve from dirt such as the comfort room. The toilet or comfort room is where you excrete your body waste and wash dirt. This part of your home is exposed to bacterial growth that may cause the appearance of diseases in the family, especially if not cleaned properly and regularly. The good news is, there are advanced toilets in the market today that can help to protect the cleanliness of your comfortable room.


One of the leading toilet seats with modern features is TOTO Washlet S350e. The TOTO Washlet model S350e is one of the top seller bidet toilet seats in the market. This product is highly recommended by countless users due to its fantastic technology. In fact, this product received an outstanding review from its recent buyers in Advance My House, one of the reliable review sites for latest home technology. From this post of Advance My House, they have listed the top five unique aspects of TOTO Washlet which includes the following.


Uses eWater


The TOTO Washlet S350e unit only uses an electrolyzed water also known as eWater. The eWater can disinfect and fight the spread of bacteria in the toilet seat. Through this feature, you can guarantee that your toilet is free from hazardous microorganisms that can affect your health.


Water Pressure and Temperature Control Setting


Another amazing feature of this product is the five water pressure control setting it has. This setting allows you to select the right temperature and pressure you prefer when cleaning yourself. The temperature setting of TOTO washlet ranges from 86 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the nozzle of this unit has an oscillating feature so you can shift the wand to reach every area.


Automatic Water Heating Feature


There are occasions when you will need a warm water to wash particularly during the winter season. The TOTO Washlet is excellent in providing an unlimited supply of warm water for your comfort. This product has a zero-tank automatic water heating feature that immediately refills the toilet with warm water every time it runs out of supply.


Features Seat Sensors


TOTO S350e is one of the leading bidet toilets with an automatic close and open lid function. The seat of this product is surrounded by sensors that perceive if a user is nearby. Once the sensor identifies a user, it will immediately open the lid and after using, the lid will close back automatically in 90 seconds time. Self-Cleaning Wands There are individuals with certain conditions that prevent them to clean themselves properly.


TOTO Washlet is designed to offer convenience and assistance for individuals with this condition. This unit comes with a self-cleaning wand with several spray outlets. The nozzle of S350e self-cleaning wand can manage to reach both front and rear washing. You can adjust the nozzle with the use of its remote control. Indeed, TOTO S350e is what you need for your home. You can learn more about this bidet toilet seat in Advance My House.