Feeding the Dog Right

Feeding the Dog Right

Don’t you feel like showering all love you have to your dogs in the form of the finest delicacies? Don’t know what to offer them? Get confused whilst searching for the right kind of food that promises their overall growth and proper nutrition? Do not look any further. We have got you covered.

If you have a dog at home, you must be wondering what to feed to keep it satiated and healthy. Just like human beings, dogs also need nutritious foods to work properly.   You could also ask a veteran for suggestions on proper diet.

If you also have a cat, you would have noticed that the dog is particularly aligned to cat food; there can be several reasons for this that may include easy availability of cat food all the time or taste or for having high proteins and fats. Well, do you allow your dog to eat cat food or you do hard to keep your dog away from cat food?  Now, the question arises if there is anything to worry if it eats cat food?

Since dogs and cats have different body compositions, their nutrition needs are also different. While cats need the high-protein and high-fat food, it can be harmful to the dog. It may make him overweight after sometime and also develop kidney problems due to excessive protein available in cat food.

So, are you now thinking of the most appropriate food for your dog? Oats come on top of the best foods for dog.  They are tasty, nutritious, inexpensive and readily available. Also,

  • Oats have soluble fiber that keeps the cholesterol level low.
  • They are rich in magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamins.
  • These are low in gluten.
  • GMO (Genetically modified organisms).

There are lots of benefits of including oats in your dog’s diet-

  • Oats lower the cholesterol levels and help in treating various diseases including physical or mental exhaustion, inflammatory conditions, dyspepsia, depression, fevers, insomnia and sexual dysfunctions.
  • If your dog is suffering from itching problem, oats is a great meal as it heals the situation.
  • Also, there are lots of vitamins and minerals available to help skin healing.

Feeding your dog right is crucial to its health, and you should not, in any case” take it lightly. Every dog owner must take care of when to feed, what/what not to feed as well as the right proportion of foods to feed.

Feeding the Dog Right Credit Picture License: laura271GSD1 via photopin cc