Losing weight in pursuit for happiness- guaranteed confidence in wearing your best attire

I have been hitting the gym for the last one and half years in a bid to tone my body to look more elegant. Just like any other woman, my desire has always been to have an elegant body shape that I can feel comfortable wearing any type of attire, especially the leggings which are good at revealing every contour on a woman’s body.

Before getting pregnant, I had a perfect body shape that most of my friends have always wished for. But after giving birth to my son, I gained a lot of weight. I wasn’t taking good care of my body as I should have. Responsibilities of being a first time mother had overwhelmed to the point I almost forgot about myself.

With time, I could no longer fit into the skinny jeans and leggings that I used to wear before getting pregnant. My wardrobe was fully stocked with some of the best leggings for women one could ever find in shops. As a curvaceous woman, I loved wearing attire that hugged my body and I really felt comfortable in them.

However after gaining weight, my choice for clothing narrowed down to a few dresses and baggy jeans. I loved wearing these oversized clothes so as to hide the unwanted mass on my waist and the cellulite that had began to catch up on me.

By the time my son turned three years old, I had gained a lot of weight to the point that some of the old friends could no longer remember me when we met on the streets. Some even thought that I had become pregnant for a second time. It was embarrassing to explain to them that I had just gained some weight when I was busy parenting my first son.

In my quest to lose some mass, I started doing workouts aimed at burning extra calories. Most of the times, I starved myself so that I could lose weight faster. On the contrary, I ended up gaining more weight and unwanted mass on my body.

When I visited a nutritionist, he advised that I was doing it the wrong way. Most of the times, people starve themselves hoping that they will lose weight faster. It however calls for a lot of discipline and dedication to lose weight.

He advised on how to balance my diet so as to achieve set goal of losing extra weight. Diet is an important part of weight loss program, same as regular exercises. When I combined regular exercises with the correct diet, I was able to lose weight faster than I was doing before.

I also learnt about other food components that can help an individual to lose weight faster by enhancing burning of calories in the body. I learnt about white tea benefits, on how it can enhance metabolic processes leading to faster weight loss.

I focused on my weight loss program and within a few weeks, I began experiencing good results. I lost several pounds and I could now fit into clothes that I wasn’t wearing before. I slowly regained my curves and I could now wear my lovely leggings, dresses and shorts that I could not wear before.

Quotes About Love And Family

No emotion is stronger than love. Some might be moved by anger, sadness, happiness, etc., but nothing can move a person more than love. It is the end-all when it comes to emotions and can be a driving force unprecedented by anything. But this feeling of love is elusive and isn’t always found very easily. When you think of love you might think of a soul mate; man or women. But soul mates are about as elusive as they come, and there are many people who go throughout life without ever finding theirs.

But not all of us believe in soul mates. I believe that there are certain people who are meant for someone, but on the other hand love isn’t something that is always constricted, limited, and set in stone. Love should be allowed to flourish anywhere and everywhere, even beyond the confines of a potential soul mate. Nevertheless when you find someone that you want to share you life with, it’s important to share more than that. You must give them a piece of not just your heart, but your soul. After all, they are a soul mate. “Giving someone a piece of your soul is better than giving a piece of your heart. Because souls are eternal” – Helen Boswell. This quote is perfect because soul mates truly deserve more than just the heart, they deserve the soul. This way the bond is strengthened even more so and you can begin the process of eternal, flawless love.

This kind of love isn’t just found in soul mates however. Some of us develop this strong of a connection with family members. Whether it be parents, siblings, or children, a real deep connection like the connection you produce with a soul mate can exist in your own family. But nothing worth while is ever easy to get to. Soul mates might be difficult to find, but easier to maintain; family is a different story. Family for the most part is easy to find, but very difficult to maintain. Loving your family is not always easy as it comes with its fair share of unhappy experiences, but its these experiences that act as reminders as to why you’re with these people. “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” – Leo Tolstoy

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Quotes For The Broken Heart

Eventually you will find yourself in pieces. Broken. Shattered like a glass knocked off a table. There are things that happen in everyone’s life that has this effect on us. Whether it’s losing a loved one, not getting something that you earned, or even being hated – everyone will experience life lashing out at them, and it’s not pretty. It’s important thought that we pick ourselves up, and put those pieces back together. The more times you do it, the stronger you become and before long you won’t find yourself slipping off the edge of the table again.

There is nothing heavier than a broken heart. Sometimes our hearts get broken, but the worst thing of all is when your heart is broken by a loved one. Losing a loved one or realizing that your love is only a one-way street is a traumatizing thing. But Mark Twain has a perfect quote for this: “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”. I love this quote because nothing in life should ever be a priority. If you find your heart broken by someone, you must quit feeling like things are priorities or meant to happen. Everything in life is an option, everything is a choice – you are never constricted to one path.

Like I said previously, sometimes we can have our hearts smashed by others. There are people out there in everyone’s lives that seek to do harm against your emotional state. They are parasites and feed off of it, but the best defense against this is to feed off of them. They want to see you broken, they want to see you fail; but you want to succeed. “Learn to use the criticism as fuel and you will never run out of energy” – Orrin Woodward. This is a perfect quote because this it is so true and logical. People want to break your heart, so use their ill will against them and develop a mindset that uses it as fuel. No matter what you do, never let others knock your glass off the table again.

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Quotes For Your Brother

Life is a journey that is both individual and not. I like to think of life as being two-dimensional. We have the process that goes on in our heads: the decisions we make, our emotions, our thought-process, etc., but then we have the life that put out for the rest of the world: our family, our loved ones, our job, our hobbies, etc. Both are very important and must exist in the world together at the same time.

One of the biggest struggles on the individual side is dealing with being yourself. Your identity is whatever you want it to be to an extent. I wouldn’t say that are limited are constricted to being one person and person only; we can definitely change and adapt over time, but at the same time we do have to remain some way consistent – we need to stay true to ourselves. I think there are many different ways I can be myself and not be the same person. It’s difficult to wrap your head around, but you will know when you are not being yourself. “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself” – Friedrich Nietzsche. This is a beautiful quote about the struggles of retaining your personal identification. You know who you are and nobody else, but sometimes that image can be construed.

When you do try to be someone who you are not, you might not be wary of it. You might think that the person whose skin you are in is yours, but the actions don’t match up. The most likely people to realize this discrepancy is your family. Take a sibling, like a brother, for example. They grew up with you, they either took care of you or you took care of them, so they know you inside and out. They have seen you at low times in your life, but also at high times. Either way they know your real identification, and they will realize the moment you are not being yourself. When you are feeling confused about who you are, go to them, go to your brother. After all, they are meant to help you. “Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero” – Marc Brown.

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Sympathy Quotes

Life is brutal. Life is tough. Life is also amazing. Life is a lot of things all wrapped up into one prolonged experience that really sets on a rollercoaster ride of many different emotions. No one gets through unscathed and unrattled by atleast a few traumatizing experiences. Some of the most traumatic experiences come by way of death and loss. When someone close to us is taken, it entirely shakes us to our core and breaks us down. Some of us can’t rebuild the pieces and get back, and continue on as shells of our former past. However, a lot of are forced to pick up the pieces, and put them back together forming a stronger version of ourselves. While loss sucks and is truly a hard thing to go through, it strengthens and gives us a new perspective on life.

“We understand death only after it has placed its hands on someone we love” – Anne L. de Stael. This quote is very true because death makes its biggest impact on us when it is someone we love. When we invest our emotions, or time, or life into someone and their body moves on, it feels as if a part of us is lost as well. And maybe it is. “The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend” – Cali Rae Turner. This quote is perfect because it shows that family members, specifically sisters, are more than just family members – they are friends. In our sisters we don’t just have a beloved family member, but we also have a friend, so when our siblings are taken from us, it is as if two people are taken from us.

The most important thing about dealing with loss is grieving. Some of us grieve different ways, but nevertheless it is important to grieve. Those who prolong the grievance process are only delaying the inevitable, and if the sadness doesn’t find a way inside your body at first then it will just wait till later – there is no escaping it. This is why I always get my grievance out of the way first. I hit it head on, or rather I let it hit me head on. I survive, I get through it, and I carry on knowing that I am a stronger, more experienced man in this game of life.

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College Kitchen Must-Haves

Going away to college can be a trying time. Packing up your entire life for the first time (of what will most likely prove to be many). Knowing what to pack is even more difficult. What do you need for your room and your kitchen and your bathroom? What do you mean dishes don’t do themselves?

What do you need to cook? (How do you cook?!?) There are many things you should probably have in order to feed yourself.

First and foremost – this may seem obvious – you need bowls. At least buy bowls. Bowls can be bowls and they can be plates. You can’t eat cereal or ramen on a plate. You’ll thank me later.

Second on the most-important list is utensils. Again, you’ll be a banshee without them and people will judge you. Just the basics will do. No need to get a whole set of twelve place settings. Buy individually! If you don’t want to constantly have to be doing dishes, buy at least two sets.

Now that we’re past the basics, and hopefully past ramen, what else will you need?

An often over-looked piece of kitchenware is the colander. If you make pasta or steam vegetables, how do you get the water out? A colander, that’s how. This is just one random thing that will help you loads in the kitchen.

Canopener. You’ll need one.

I forgot cups in the basics. If you would like to drink any beverages you should probably buy some cups.

Some appliances are probably a good idea. You don’t have to be fancy like a chef in your kitchen, but if you buy something you can use for many things, you’re off to a good start. Rice cookers are great options. They’re a good all-in-one tool for the kitchen that are also pretty affordable. Compare rice cookers and then impress your friends by making bread! Or just rice – maybe you should just stick with rice.

You should probably get some food staples, as well. Salt, pepper and spices to liven up bland dishes. Experiment with different pastas and grains.

What it comes down to is that you want to maximize efficiency while not having to spend that much money. By buying things that you can use for other things you spend maybe a little more money on one or two things, but end up with something that can do the job of ten. By buying a rice cooker you can cook rice, soup and bread. If you buy bowls instead of plates – if you have to choose – you can eat everything! It’s the little choices in life.

Understanding Feline Love!

Cats, for the most part, are known to show glimpses of strange, peculiar behavior. This is why many cat owners love just observing their cats and watch them do some of the funny things that they do. A lot of the traits that cats display are used for showing affection too. There are lots of ways for a cat to say, “I love you” to her owner. Here are some of the things cats are known to do when they want to show affection. This way you’ll know what your cat is trying to say; who knows, maybe your cat isn’t so strong after all.

If you have ever noticed your cat squinting at you or perhaps blinking very slowly, she’s showing affection. My cat does this a lot whenever I scratch her face and it’s a sign of content and affection. Some cat owners I know of can actually have blinking contests back and forth with their cats.

One of my favorite things I know cats do is headbutt. When a cat headbutts you she’s not trying to physically harm you, in fact it’s quite the opposite. She’s actually rubbing her glands on you; these glands secrete special pheromones that mark you as her territory. The actual scent of the pheromones can not be picked up by our human noses, but other animals can tell and they’ll know that you belong to your cat. A cat’s pheromones in many ways act as a cat’s fingerprints as each cat has a unique scent. You can think of this as if your cat is just placing a big stamp on you that claims you as being hers.

Kneading is a pretty peculiar action that many cat owners have raised question about. A cat kneads when she pulls her claws in and out and almost kind of stretches them by scratching the surface she stands on. I like to compare to the way humans crack their knuckles, except cats do this to show affection. Early on, cats use this as an instinctual gesture to stimulate the flow of milk, but when cats get older they do this to show a very strong display of affection.

One thing I want to bring up that is also a strange action observed by cats is the consumption of grass. No, this is isn’t a sign of affection, but it is a weird behavior. Lots of times cats will eat grass not because they are hungry, but because they might have an itch or some form of discomfort in their throat and they use the grass to scratch it. This could also be a sign of stomach pains, so if you see your cat eating grass you might want to raise some caution.

Designing a Better, More Beautiful Life For All

If you have a creative flair and are interested in buildings and architecture, then it may be worth considering a career in industrial design or as an architect.

 Design education is a growing concern, people are no longer interested just in the functionality of a building but also want buildings which look nice and are unique. To excel as an architect, not only will you need an eye for design but you will also need a good knowledge of the different materials involved in building work. You will need to be able to communicate your ideas to others and be able to work to strict deadlines.

Industrial designers combine art and science to create products which are aesthetic, effective and safe. Industrial designers can work in a wide range of manufacturing fields such as cars, toys, household items and machinery etc. Courses have an emphasis on fine art, teaching drawing and planning skills.

It is important to look at individual courses to make sure they involve the elements of study you are interested in. If you are interested in a career where you will be creating functional living and working space then an architecture course may be ideal for you. Degrees are available from bachelors through to doctoral studies. There are 125 professional programs available to choose from and this includes courses run at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Columbia and Yale.

If you find that your interests lays in creating and perfecting consumer products then an industrial design course may be exactly what you are looking for. There is potential to work across a wide range of industries.

There are 64 accredited schools across America and the courses are available at bachelor’s level. The course should be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Courses have a strong practical element but also encompass theory.

It is worth considering what type of industrial design you would like to work in, as different schools may place an emphasis on varying aspects of design. The course should provide you with a portfolio of work to showcase to future employers.

Keep it Clean: Few Great Rips about your Car Repair

When it comes to getting where you need to go, you must have your car in excellent condition. This means taking your car in for routine check-ups and oil changes when needed. The advantages of keeping your car running and looking good will allow you to get where you need to be.

Getting a Car Check-up

By taking your car into the mechanic every few months or when needed, you can avoid unwanted expenses that may occur due to neglecting your car. Taking care of your automobile is key to low auto repair bills.

Listed below are some things your mechanic can do during a check-up:

1. Check and change the oil in your car.
2. Change the air filters in your car
3. Check the tire pressure of your tires to make sure these are at optimal levels.
4. Looking at all the fluids in your car including the transmission fluid, radiator fluids and other areas that must be filled to capacity.
5. Providing the details on the condition of your car and any repairs that need to be made for optimal performance of your vehicle.

The mechanic you select can make a huge difference in the condition of the interior and exterior of your car.

What to Look for in a Mechanic

When choosing your auto repair person you will want to ask specific questions to be sure he or she is right for the job. Be sure you know this individual is qualified to work on your car and has the necessary number of certifications and training to do so.

Look at the track record of the mechanic and check online reviews to see what other customers had to say about the work he or she received from this specific mechanic.

Finally, taking care of your car is critical if you wish to get where you need to go with the less amount of hassle and stress. By having a car without problems involving break-downs and huge repair bills, you can have less anxiety about going where you need to go.