Kitchen appliances and their impacts on general health

With the advancement in technology, mankind has made great strides in terms of kitchen ware innovations. As it is today, mankind can find an appliance to do almost anything in the kitchen. Food preparation and food cooking can therefore be done much faster and more efficiently than before. The big question however is whether the new implements affect the nutritive value of food and the general health of mankind.

The human being is an innovative creature and he is usually always looking out for ways of making his life easier or better. This is what usually drives him to be innovative. As it is therefore, most of the new discoveries or inventions are geared at making life easier or better. This can be seen especially in the numerous machines that man uses in his daily life. The big issue however is that, as mankind tries to make his life easier, his inventions usually end up creating other problems. Do the new kitchen appliances also have negative side effects?

Whenever new inventions come around, people are usually very skeptic with many people bad mouthing the new invention. Many times the people who criticize new inventions site health concerns especially if the new invention applies mechanisms that are strange. It is however evident that people usually ignore these criticisms especially if the new inventions are very beneficial.

People who criticize new inventions and innovations are many times negative in their assessments and many times they are wrong. Usually, before any implement is released into the market for use by the general public, there are health bodies which study and test the appliances to ensure their safety for use. As such, most of the claims by other people are made in ignorance or are purely malicious.

Apart from the direct negative health impacts caused by the use of modern technological appliances, we should also consider other effects that may be caused as a result of using the appliances. For example, mankind today has greatly embraced the use of quick fix appliances such as coffee makers which help to prepare meals easily and very fast. Do this quick fix implements have negative health impacts.

One could argue that the coffee maker has a long term negative effect on health since it makes one get easily addicted to taking coffee or makes one takes lots of coffee due to the ease and speed of making the strong beverage. Coffee is a stimulant that contains caffeine and it is a fact that too much caffeine can have negative effects on the health of an individual.

There are also other kitchen appliances such as the ice cream maker which is very helpful when one wants to make homemade ice cream. Without an ice cream maker, one might have to depend on buying ice cream from the shop. With the ice cream maker however, one can have an unlimited supply of ice cream in the home. A lot of ice cream consumption is however not healthy and it only leads to too much intake of sugar and bad carbs.

Can we blame these adverse health effects on the introduction of the modern appliances?