Curriculum And Character

A casual question that is sometimes asked of another individual is how their work is going? Sometimes, the individual will reply that it is a great job if they didn’t have to work with people. This tongue in cheek response has a ring of truth to it in that often, what makes a job difficult, is dealing with different personalities of fellow employees or managers.

Consequently, if an individual finds that they do not necessarily enjoy working well with others, an employment opportunity that might be of interest to them would be working with numbers. Specifically, the individual may wish to explore a career in the accounting world. And even more specifically, the basic entry job into accounting would be as a bookkeeper.

Therefore, if interested in this type of position, it would be important for the individual to know what is required educationally and the type of personality that is needed.

First of all, to be a bookkeeper, requires no formal education or degree. However, it is important for the considering individual to understand that training is required. Generally, a bookkeeper will have earned some sort of certification in bookkeeping or received their Associate of Arts degree in this particular line of study. A certificate is generally earned when an individual has gone through a one year’s course of study which includes mathematics pertinent to the business world, learning about various accounting software packages, studying the basic principles of accounting and an overview of payroll as well as accounts receivable and accounts payable.

That training needed would be a basic understanding of accounting in both macro and micro accounting. Therefore, the individual would certainly benefit from accounting classes. Generally this type of training can be accomplished through online courses or by attending their local junior college.

Additionally, every line of successful business has to have in place some sort of process for accounting. This is true for both small and large businesses and the number of staff involved with accounting is in direct proportion to the budget and business volume of the particular company. Consequently, an opportunity that might present itself to the aspiring bookkeeper would be to start in the accounting department as perhaps an accounting clerk or data entry position within the accounting department. This would provide a great opportunity to get a “feel” of the accounting world and actually gain some experience.

The second consideration, if thinking about this line of work, is to understand the personality of a bookkeeper. Some of those personal traits of the potential bookkeeper should include honesty, attention to detail, the desire to work with numbers, the commitment to following policies and procedures, etc.Additional value character and personality traits are identified at

Consequently, a personality that is rather no nonsense and by the book is valuable because being in this position requires that the bookkeeper follow the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles which do not allow for anyone’s personal or misinterpretation of the standards of accounting.

Finally, the added value of starting as a bookkeeper in the accounting world is the springboard opportunity that might be provided. This opportunity would allow for the individual to learn more about bookkeeping and accounting and then if there is continued interest in this financial career field they may wish to move into the degree position of being an accountant.

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