Can You Sharpen an Electric Knife

You’re right in the middle of making the perfect sandwich. All of the ingredients are gathered on the countertop. You reach for your electric knife and proceed to carve some slices off that loaf of nice rich, dark pumpernickel rye you just bought. As you begin to carve, the slices come out an absolute mess, with crumbs everywhere. The blade of your electric knife has dulled to the point of being useless, even when it comes to slicing bread. If you believe in the myth that the blade cannot be sharpened, you’ll end up either purchasing a new blade or new electric knife. See more at


Yes, You Can Sharpen a Serrated Blade

But the question remains, can you sharpen an electric knife? The good news is that you most certainly can, and we’re going to show you how. Your electric knife is simply a knife with removable, serrated blades, which is powered by a motor. In just a few simple steps you’ll be back to slicing that bread and making delicious sandwiches in no time.

The serrated blade of your electric knife will differ from standard, plain blades due to the serrated edge work. Your blade will look like a saw with ‘teeth’. Preparing to sharpen a serrated blade is a little different from a plain blade, in that to get the best effect, you’ll have to give all those serrations individual attention. If you do not, you will not get a smooth, even cut and your blade will be ruined.

What About Electric Knife Sharpeners?

Once you realize that sharpening the serrated blade will be a tedious process, there may be a temptation to use an electric knife sharpener. While there are those who say electric knife sharpeners work just fine, there are those who find using an electric knife sharpener gives an uneven cutting surface to the blade. Some users state that they lose their serrated edge altogether over time, turning it into a plain blade. If you value your serrated blade, do not use an electric sharpener made for plane blades, no matter what you are told.

Handheld Serrated Knife Sharpener

This is really the best way to go in sharpening your serrated blade. These sharpeners are designed specifically for serrated blades and come in different types: coarse, fine and extra fine. The duller the blade, the coarser the sharpener. So, if your blade is only slightly dull, you’d choose the extra fine sharpener. Just remember that there are many different models of serrated knife sharpeners on the market, and to follow the directions explicitly for that particular product.

Sharpening the Blade

Even though it is dull, you can still risk cutting yourself if you mishandle the electric knife, so please follow the instructions for blade removal for your particular brand. Always remember to hold the blade by the base with the tip pointing away from you.

Take the sharpening rod and move it to the first gullet. The idea is to manipulate the tapered sharpening rod so that it fits the size of the first gullet, just slightly smaller. Be careful here, if you choose to use a diameter larger than the gullet, you will enlarge the gullet, and ruin your blade. Next, hold the knife sharpener, otherwise known as the ‘sharpening rod’ and starting at the base of the blade, place the rod against the first gullet.

Again, remember the exact sharpening method depends on the type of serrated blade sharpener you purchased. For a sharpening rod, sharpen by pushing away from the blade, then running your fingers over the area to feel for burrs, or metal shavings as these will need to be filed down. To do the job correctly, you want to sharpen each gullet from knife base to tip on one side, then flip the blade over and repeat the procedure on the other side.


A properly maintained and sharpened blade can serve you well whether in the kitchen or performing light home improvement projects and crafts. These knives come in handy for handling jobs which a regular jigsaw is much too heavy and bulky for, such as cutting polyurethane foam, light PVC piping and metal, foam core, acoustic tiles and other materials. Both cooks and hobbyists find this a useful tool which makes their activities easier. If you still feel that you are not into the idea of sharpening the blade, feel free to take it to one of the many professional knife sharpeners to have it maintained. Whether you love cleanly sliced bread or need a light appliance to evenly slice some foam core for your slot track set up, the electric knife can serve you well.