Buying Guide: Shower Heads

Whether you are buying a new shower head to install in your new bathroom or you just need to replace your old one, you would need to consider the following to ensure that you choose the best one.



There are basically four types of shower heads. These are the standard wall-mount shower heads, hand-held shower heads, top-mount showerheads and the body sprays.

If you are under a tight budget, then you might want to get the standard wall-mount shower head as it costs lower than its other counterparts. Also, you would not need to do changes on your plumbing for it. This goes the same with hand-help shower heads, too. Although the latter is a bit more expensive, they do not require any adjustment on the existing plumbing or renovations on the ceiling since they come with sliding bars that you could adjust easily depending on the height of the people using it and the dimensions of the bathroom.

But, if you prefer a more stylish shower head which you might still be able to afford, you might want to go for a top-mount. Top-mounts are rain-style shower heads that can be perfect for low ceilings, too. You can make your showering experience better though by installing some body sprays. But, that would cost you at least $80 per unit.


Various shower heads can be made of different materials. You can choose from metal, plastic or solid brass. Metal shower heads give you durability while plastic ones would give you a wider variety of colors and designs. Choose according to your taste and how easy it is to clean. You also have a number of selection for finishes – from copper to bronze; and colors such as white, off-white and more.


The cost that you would be worrying does not only include the initial payment you make during purchase. You also have to think of the water consumption of your shower. Some newer models are designed to help you save energy and cut cost on your utility bills. They use lower water pressure but are still efficient in rinsing or washing.


The spray pattern of the shower head should also be considered. Some shower heads have fixed spray patterns. But, some have adjustable valves where you can choose on which pattern you would be using. For example, at the onset of your shower, you might want to use a pattern with a wide coverage to allow you to wet yourself immediately. Then, shift the pattern to spray if you’re about to rinse the shampoo off your hair.


Most of the time, homeowners choose to do the replacing or installation of their shower heads themselves. However, it could be arduous for some because of the need to adjust the plumbing. Not all shower heads need professional plumbers to adjust pipes and water pressure though.

Finally, you might want to consider reading an in-depth look at the top massing shower heads and some reviews on the different models in the market to gain deeper info on various products.