Building A Home For Natural Born Swimmers

Building A Home For Natural Born Swimmers

Are you fascinated by fish and excited by the prospect of observing them as they go about their day? If so, you should certainly consider a trip to a few of the biggest and best aquariums in the world. Approximately 1.5 million visitors make their way to the National Aquarium in Baltimore each year, drawn by the 660 species that can be found swimming around in one million gallons of water! The rainforest terrarium on the roof is an added attraction. One of the newer entrants in the group in the Trukuazoo aquarium, built in Turkey in 2009. It can be found in the Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall and has a number of amazing features, including an 80-metre underwater walk-through tunnel and a number of habitats such as flooded forest and rainforest. It houses about 10,000 marine species. The largest tank in Europe can be found at L’Oceanografic in Valencia, Spain – it contains 1.85 million gallons of water. The aquarium has 45,000 species in residence. Africa’s largest tank, meanwhile, lies in uShaka Marine World in Durban, South Africa; the sea-wreck themed aquairum 32 tanks contain just short of a million gallons of water. It also houses a famous restaurant with a wall aquarium which allows you to shark-watch as you eat a meal!

Another massive marine exhibit is Georgia Aquarium, which has a 6.3 million gallon tank. It was formerly the largest in the world but in 2014, that title was taken by Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai city, China. With a total water volume of 12.87 gallons along with largest viewing dome, aquarium window, and acrylic panel, this aquarium is a must see for anyone who believes bigger is better! The island park houses various themed areas. The first phase of building the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom was approximately RMB 10 billion.

While domestic aquariums are an amazing opportunity for people to experience the wonders of aquatic life on a daily basis, there are concerns about whether these marine exhibits are eco-friendly. There are various types of aquariums that are perfectly suited to those who want to live an environmentally responsible manner. Instead of the conventional glass tanks, you can choose the river plant aquarium instead – a concept that blends aquarium with garden and utilizes the symbiosis between plants and fish. An innovative fish-tank and planter hybrid also harnesses this relationship. The excretion of the fish acts as nutrition for the small plants, which eliminates the need to clean the tank very often. Another option is a floating garden, which is essentially a fish tank with a tiny garden attached above. The greenery adds a breath of fresh air and soothes the fish as well. Those who believe in locally growing and eating their own food may consider a refrigerator aquarium, wherein your can grow plants and breed fish for consumption at the same time.

Those who believe in environmental sustainability may want to extend this philosophy to travel as well. AirBnB is a great option for those who want to take more eco-friendly holidays by staying a “green” apartment at their destination. Those heading to western Australia, for example, can look at the delightful Daisy House which has been built using recycled materials. Travelers to Jordan, Italy, and Croatia have the option to opt for beautifully done up, eco-friendly apartments. Portland, one of the most progressive cities in the US, offers a number of great apartment rental choices for the green traveler.

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