Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet and road safety

Road safety versus Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.

As per the department of transports national highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA), there were over 5000 motorcycles in which 4976 lives were lost in the year 2014. This percentage has been seen to grow over time as in 2015 8.3% more deaths from motorcycle crashes were reported. With all this still going on Bike Bandit have now added salt to the wound with their latest invention of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. This has just raised the level of danger and concern. In this discussion, we will be looking at Bluetooth motorcycle helmet and road safety.



What happened to ears and eyes on the road?

As opposed to motor vehicles drivers, motorists lack the luxury of airbags thus leaving them with awareness and focus on their environment as their only friend. A motorist is expected to keep their proximity and effects to incoming and outgoing traffic. It’s a big and dangerous risk for riders to limit the use of this two common sense, this single rider is a sign of failure to the struggle of making our roads safe and accident-free. The latest update on helmets limits one’s visibility via its tint and with its Bluetooth configuration how do you know if the rider is on a phone call or not. This technological advancement on Bluetooth configuration is an insult to the ongoing push for hands-free alternatives.

What harm could Bluetooth motorcycle helmet bring?

This discussion is still on, another version of this argument is phrased as hands-free technology and its distractions to driving. Envisioned it yourself of how scary it can be seeing a motorcycle rider replying to a text message while riding at the same time. Now take it a step further and now picture an audio speaker confined within the insides of a helmet. What happens to the rider if he is caught off guard by an incoming phone call? Notification from his phone and let’s not talk about the conscious distraction he might get while riding. If there is someone in any traffic setting that has a lot to lose is the cyclist and how is he or she going to be cautious to the surrounding traffic if he is busy listening to blaring music or he or she has been taken carried away by a call conversation.

How about enforcement?

How will traffic authorities know if a cyclist is on or off a phone? Honestly, the answer to that is, it will be difficult when the same gadget that was meant to keep you safe is still the same gadget that has a safety hazard in it. When it comes to this hand free gadget enforcement for its responsible use is dependent on the rider himself.


It takes a collective effort to make our road safe. Just as some drivers flat out the existing legislation on the use of phones and use their phones regardless. The Bluetooth motorcycle Bluetooth helmet is quite an amazing invention, however, it’s not so amazing when road safety is considered. Why are phone calls considered so important than life itself?