5 Best Studio Monitor at Pro Studio Gear

Music is one way where people can express what they feel. When people are sad, they can immediately browse through music apps nowadays and select a playlist that will suit people’s mood. When one is happy, they can also listen to upbeat music with happy tunes.

When it comes to listening music, people can get really particular when it comes to the device they are using. They always want to make sure that the quality of the music they are listening to is excellent.

Over a period of time, devices people use when it comes to listening have been constantly upgrading, making sure that people get to listen to music, leaving a real impact on them. From acoustic speakers, to headphones with noise-cancellation, there are basically a lot of speakers to choose from depending on its use.

In a professional setting such as in recording studios, although professionals and other music-enthusiast can use a headphone when it comes to listening to music, however, it is not as precise when using a studio monitor.

In this article at Pro Studio Gear, several speaker monitors will be discussed according to its specs of what it can offer to its user. But before discussing what brand and model of a speaker monitor people should invest in, people should know that there are several factors they need to look into a speaker monitor. One is the design, its size, and the user’s budget.

Top 5 Speakers

A studio monitor is a kind of speaker where the music produced by the speaker is very accurate which is crucial and extremely needed specially in making films and music. Here are the top 5 best speaker monitor for professionals.

  1. Honstek K7 Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker. This speaker is known for giving justice to what people are paying for in this speaker. It is highly recommended for those people who want to listen to quality music in a speaker they can bring anywhere they want.
  2. Mackie CR Series CR3 – 3” Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors. This is highly recommended for those people who are on a tight budget, but still wanted to invest in a quality speaker. It also has a sleek design made of durable materials which will surely last for how many years.
  3. M-Audio AV32 |10-Watt Compact Studio Monitor Speakers. This speaker is great for mixing sounds. Although the brand of the speaker is not known in the market, it still produces a quality sound. When it comes to sound mixing, there is no need to worry about easily hooking up one’s gadget to the speaker.
  4. PreSonus Eris E4.5 2-Way Powered Studio Monitors. This is good for speaker monitoring.  It is known to provide tailed sound compared to other speakers. This speaker also is very user-friendly.
  5. Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor. If people wanted to invest in a speaker which is known in the market, it should be no other than this speaker. It comes from a trusted brand which guarantees good quality as well.