2 Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Buying a Travel Mug


When choosing a perfect coffee travel mug that would suit your coffee drinking needs, you should ask yourself these questions to help you decide which to choose.


Question One: Would you be using your mug in the car while driving?


There are some factors that you would need to consider when you drink coffee while on the road. The first is the size of the cup holder and the mug. You would need to choose a mug size that would fit perfectly in the cup holder of your car. It should not move a lot to prevent possible spilling and falling over. The cup should also be just the right size so it would be easy for you to take it out with one hand whenever you want to drink. You also have to make sure that the handle of the mug, if there’s any, does not get in the way. The next concern is if you do not have a cup holder in your car. Some models of cars do not have a built in cup holder in them. If yours is one of them, you need a cup that has a bottom that would allow you to place it on any surface without slipping. The material and how wide the bottom of the mug is would help in keeping it in place. You can check here for in-depth reviews of wide bottom travel mugs. Another concern is its ease of use. While driving, you could not possibly use both hands to drink your coffee. You can choose a mug that has a lid with an opening that would let you easily drink the beverage even with one hand. Last concern would be the quality of the leak-proof seals. Although most makers claim that their mugs are leak-proof. You should still try them and make sure that no spills would happen if the mug accidentally falls on the floor of your car or on the seat.


Question Two: Durability or Flavor?


What factor would you consider more important? Is it the life span of the mug? Is it the factor that would allow you to reheat your coffee in the microwave? Or is it the taste of your coffee? If durability is of utmost priority, you would want to buy a stainless-steel coffee travel mug. If you’re a clumsy one and would knock out your coffee mug more often than not, a stainless steel mug is the best for you. However, stainless steels can’t be put in the microwave. If you think you would need to reheat your coffee at times, you would want to choose a mug made of plastic or glass. You have to keep in mind though that stainless steels would prevent your coffee from cooling easily though. So, you would not find the need to reheat your drink. If you’re a coffee drinker with a sensitive palate, you would want to choose ceramic. The material would not affect the taste of your coffee at all. Some flavors of your past drinks can also stick easily in plastics. Stainless steel, too, has an effect on the taste of the drink.